Thursday, August 4, 2016


I just came back from spending a week in Mexico with my whole family. We all decided to go because my grandpa was celebrating his 80th birthday over in his home state of San Luis Potosi. That's where my parents and older sisters were born as well. I actually hadn't been there in 15 years so I knew it would be a whole new experience. Every state, and even city has their own unique vibe. So it was great to explore!

We first arrived to Guanajuato to visit. And that city stole my heart. The vibrant colors and culture are beautiful. 

Then we headed to my family's home state but to another part where it's pure rain forest. It's known as La Huasteca Potosina. It's filled with waterfalls and so much lush greenery. We also went to Sir Edward James' castle in the middle of the jungle. We had quite the vision! His place is filled with natural waterfalls, pools, and surrealist concrete sculptures. Definetly my favorite place we went to in  La Huasteca.  

And we finished our trip with my parents hometown, San Luis Potosi (the capital of San Luis Potosi, the state) We visited the historic centro, which I loved. And we got to visit so much family. We had a family reunion on my mom side. And at my grandpa's 80th birthday, it technically was a family reunion from my dad's side. I also got to see so many old pictures of my grandparents. I love seeing that kind of stuff. I loved exploring the city my parent's grew up in. I sometimes can't believe they left the city they grew up in, and all their family just to give me and my siblings a better life. The selflessness they had is easier to understand now that I have Jonah, and even's hard to grasp. I'm truly grateful for everything I have now, and it's because of them. I cherish this trip, and the fact I got to do it with my whole family. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

birthday wishlist

My birthday is a week from today and I don't know how to feel about approaching my last year in my twenties! I think I always thought when you were in your thirties, you were "old" except I'm closer to approaching that, and I feel like I was 18 not that long ago, yet I feel so much has changed in 10 years.

Anyhow, as I have gotten older, I feel like I know more who I am and what I like. So I wanted to share some things I've been eyeing this summer season.

bday wishlist

top I'm loving this print from J.Crew so much. And this top is just cute, colorful and perfect for summer.

shoes I want these Asics! They are so simple and can be worn so much!

watch- Kate Spade does everything right in my book, and this watch does not disappoint.

glasses- I've had my Ray-Ban Wayferers for 5 years now, and I think a new pair of Ray-Bans are necessary!

 bronzer- What I love about this Benefit bronzer is that it's light, and enough for a perfect summer glow!

lipstick - Stila makes some of my favorite lipsticks! I can always go for new colors!

Orla Kiely bags case - Oh man, how I need a new makeup bag, and target sells these cute Orla Kiely ones with the best prints!!

cake stand- I can never have too many cake stands. This gold one is perfection!

book- I love reading and a book on food, I'm in! 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Red, White and Berries

How is the 4th of July approaching us already? I hardly can believe it. Sorry I've been MIA, (i feel like I say this every post!) Just having an 8 month baby keeps me busier than I expected! But guess what, I still manage to make sweets here and there and I promise to share them more. I cannot stop baking my heart out! 

Anyhow, since cakes seem to my go-to dessert, I wanted to share a fun way to serve it up on this 4th of July! Everyone loves having their own dessert, and how many of you guys hate waiting for a cake to be cut?  I never want to be the person to cut into the cake first, or miss out on it because they didn't cut it until the very end. So these mini cakes are perfect for such a laid back relaxing event, and who doesn't want their own cake? 
The key to these cakes, of course, is that they be patriotic! That's what the 4th of July is all about! So I paired some of my favorite red, white and blue yummies!

What you need:
A thin sheet of vanilla cake
Whipped Cream (best if homemade)
Coconut Shreds
Large circle cookie cutter

With a circle cookie cutter, cut out 3 even rounds of cake. In between each layer, add whipped cream. And on the top layer, top with coconut shred. Finally, top the mini cakes with the berries. 

And there you have it! It's so easy and looks much more impressive than it really is! And not only is it pretty, but delicious. I'm a sucker for a cake with whipped cream! (and the coconut shreds are a perfect touch!)

Hope you all have a great 4th!! Stay safe, and make sure to show your red, white and blue!


Tuesday, June 7, 2016


So today marks 4 years living in our home! Whaaaaat? I can hardly believe it! I sometimes forget what shape our house was in when we moved in. But what I do remember was all the potential I saw from the moment we drove up. I remember just crossing my fingers the inside would have good bones. And you know what? It did. Lots of wallpaper to distract you from it, but I knew it was there. Here are some before and after pictures of our house.

 We've come a long way. My favorite part is filling the house with a baby, and making this home for our family of 3. These Changs sure have had tons of changes, and I wouldn't have it any other way!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bakers to Follow

I love baking, and I love getting inspired by other bakers out there doing their thing. Seriously, I can look at the gals creations for hours and could only wish to have half the talent they have. Here are my favorites.

Style Sweet Ca

Can I just tell you how amazing her cakes are! She makes them so impressive, and I want to decorate my cakes just like her!

Enjoy Cupcakes

Everything she does not only looks so clean and perfect, but looks delicious. Her flavors are fresh and I hope to visit her bake shop in Santa Barbara to try!

Erica O'Brien

Erica O'Brien's fondant work is perfection. She makes the cleanest edges, and her designs are never over the top, but just enough. She makes the cutest cakes, and feel very feminine and sophisticated.

Alana Jones-Mann

The genius of Alana Jones-Mann is simply too much that I just envy EVERYTHING she makes. She uses buttercream, and manipulates it to create textures, and designs that I wish I would have thought of. She really is one of my favorite cake makers/designer.

*all photos are bakers' originals*

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