Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Changs vs. Wallpaper

One thing that I did not realize was going to be such a pain was removing wallpaper. Let's see, we had wallpaper in the dining room, foyer, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, and a den. (A total of 7 rooms) And this wallpaper was not remotely nice at all. I kept making up stories of the previous owners and their conversations when they picked the designs because these designs are so tasteless!

What we used to remove the wallpaper:
We used a spray called DIF. It worked okay for wallpaper that wasn't so stuck to the wall. And it's very easy to use, but you do use a bottle quick!

But what worked the best was a steamer. We bought a steamer for wallpapers at Home Depot for $50 and it was so worth it. It's a lot quicker, but in my opinion it's easier to use when you have someone else helping you. And you can't beat the price if you are tackling a lot of walls!

Here are some images from some of our rooms!

Removing wallpaper in dining room
Overall Dining Room

Gingham patterned wallpaper

My husband removing the wallpaper in the foyer.

Ugly leaf/ivy wallpaper that are actually hand painted on. 

This has been the hardest to take off. Bummer! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Etsy lovin'!

One of my favorite websites is Etsy. Cannot get enough of it! It always gives me ideas of decor items I want to add to my house.

Here are somethings on my wish list for my living room.

I love these Frames. I think the colors are fun and can make any living room pop! 

Something about ceramic animals that get me every time, especially these Owls

This print can say a lot about you in a cute way. Why not have a map of your roots. And I love this print even more because the heart is actually on the state my parents are from. 

Lamps that are barnyard chic. I love some burlap in my life. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Seeing Red

How cute is a red front door? I think it's lovely and something about having the door standout before you walk into the house says a lot. Some of these deep red color doors are my favorite!

footnote: all images were found via google images

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wedding Day Bliss

My favorite day of my life to this my wedding day! It was magical and lovely for me!  And most importantly, it was about the love and commitment my husband and I were declaring to each other.

I planned my wedding and made all the decorations. I love doing DIY projects and making things my own. Enjoy all the pictures of my favorite day!

Camarillo, California
We got married at a ranch home in September. 

My mom praying before the wedding, so special!
I was a blubbering mess walking down the aisle.

 Mr. And Mrs. Chang
My lovely ladies! 
I loved the barn vintage feel!
boutonniere I made for my hubby!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hi!! Ny name is Priscilla and we are the Changs! We got married last September and been experiencing many adventure this past year.
We just bought our first house this past June. We were so excited to be homeowners(and still are!)...but did not realize all the work that would go into making this house our own! So many changes we have had to make and many more to come!
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