Friday, October 26, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Oh, mirrors! As a kid, I thought decorative mirrors in a house were such a "mom thing" to do. They didn't seem cute or stylish to me. Now, I am all about mirrors in my house. 
Here are some of a few I have been looking at on Etsy.

                                         I love this mirror. I love the oversized sunburst feel.
I love this mirror that looks like a window. The illusion is so fun!

This has to be one of my favorites. Love the garland look.It makes the room more playful.
This mirror makes a statement! This vintage carved out piece can be a show stopper in any room.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rugging Out

I have been on a search for a rug for our living room. Most rugs I did like were over $200. And since we just bought a house and have been spending money with other things, I had to put getting the rug on the back burner.

I saw a rug at Lowe's on clearance for $49. I was unsure of it, so I decided not to get it. But I had this gut feeling I should have gotten in. The only reason I really didn't get it was because it was rolled up and I really couldn't tell how the rug would look. Then I saw it on a blog I read, Bower Power and thought, "Wow, that looks so good and it's only $49!! I went back to go look for t, and it was back at $98! BOOO! 

I went to another Lowe's to see if maybe they would have it on sale. And nope, $98 too! I noticed it was on the clearance rack so I asked an employee if there was a discount on them and he said 20% only. I had then decided I was not going to get it and just then, I ran into my mom's friend who works there. She asked me what I was looking for and I had explained the old price of the rug and how I really had wanted it but the price went up. 

She went to the back, asked her manager how much it would go for since it was the last one, and I got it for $30 buck-a-roos! Way to go, Lowe's! That made my day!

Oh yeah, $30!
Chainlink Rug. Love the design.

My living room. 

Excuse the mess, but here is the rug. We have lots to do to our living room still, but the rug was a nice add on!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"a very merry unbirthday to all"

Well, today I am sharing some of my favorite birthday cakes I have made. 3 of them were for my husband, so excuse me for being biased. I love making cakes that don't really look like cakes. Here are some of my favorites.

Iphone Cake. My first cake to my husband.

We love Scrabble, so of course I had to make this for my husband!

This was the most recent birthday cake for my husband. He loves bacon so I thought this idea was funny for him!
My nephew's 1st birthday! I really didn't think the cake was going to look so extravagant, but it did! Oh well, but it was one of my favorites.

This was for my dad's birthday. He's an Angel's fan (booo!)  This was when I was first starting to make cakes. As you can see, I practiced with all my loved one's birthdays!!

I just think this one is funny. Someone request Lady Gaga / Hello thought, "what???" I love this one because it came out to what they request! hilarious! 

Oh, the cake for the DJ. This one was challenging. But I was content with the overall look!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Minty Fresh Kitchen

I love a white kitchen. It is so pretty to look at and very french country! But what I love even more is when there is a pop of a soft color, especially mint green! Oh, how I can't get enough of that color!

These kitchens are definitely an inspiration for what I would like in my kitchen!

Oh, those light fixtures!

Love this sink and paneling on the wall!

Those chairs!! Swooooooning!

Love all the mint kitchen decor and exposed shelves!

Look at the greenery right outside the french doors!
I'm in dream land after those pictures! What is your favorite kitchen inspiration? 

footnote: all images were found via google images 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Semi-DIY Art

Last month, for my anniversary, I was inspired to do an art piece to hang up in our living room.

I went to Ross and bought a bird art piece on clearance for $3! I thought the image was cute since it matched some of our living room items. 
My living room has blues, greens, browns, and a little orange. (kind of like the colors of the blog!)

 I decided to get Martha Stewart stencils and orange acrylic paint and add a quote that reminded me of the bird images and my love for my hubby: "Birds of a feather flock together." It seemed fitting.

Here's the finished product. I also added our anniversary date on the very top. This is an easy project and makes a simple art into something more person with a story behind it.

Monday, October 15, 2012


One thing I do as a hobby is make cakes. I do not, whatsoever, claim I am a pro or anything. It is just something I like doing with my spare time between fixing my new house.

Recently, I did a wedding cake for a couple of my friends. I ALWAYS get so stressed making wedding cakes. I actually don't like doing them much, since it's such an important event, and I just don't want to screw it up! I have only done a handful of wedding cakes, and they have only been for people I actually know. I prefer to make birthday cakes, or something that is themed since it makes it more fun. But regardless, I wanted to share the wedding cakes I have done. Nothing too fancy, but I am proud since I am usually a mess making them and get so stressed, and just to know I finished it and the couple liked it makes me feel a lot better.

This was actually a 10 year anniversary cake, but it was wedding related so I count it! This my first cake I made.  

This was a Tiffany Blue inspired wedding. It was mostly cupcakes, and the topper was a Tiffany box. 

This was a cake for a former classmate of mine. His wife loved hot pink gerbera daisies. And they wanted the wedding to be themed on pink and black.   
This was for one of my closest friends. She got married at the same location I had, so I was very excited to do this for her. She actually made my wedding cake/cupcakes so I  had to make sure I made hers.

 This is the most recent cake I made. This was the first wedding cake I have made that looks like a "wedding cake."( if that makes sense) By that, I mean it looks more traditional, but I think it came out beautifully. I was surprised I was able to make the flowers and how they stayed and how I was able to accomplish something that I usually don't do. And most importantly, that the couple loved it!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Fashion Fun

My favorite time of the year is here! I love the Fall season, especially the fashion and wonderful colors. I especially love how the colors remind me of fall treats, yummy! 

Here are some of my favorite fashion items for the season! Enjoy with a hot cup of cider! 

              I love these dresses. Especially the right one. It makes me want to drink a caramel apple cider!
Olive Heels perfect for the fall season!

Scarf perfect for cold weather. Love this pumpkin colored accessory!

Swooning over this wool camel coat!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Front House (Semi) Makeover

I got inspired by my red door post...and I painted my door red! Yay! I had been meaning to paint it, but just didn't have time and wasn't sure what color to choose. I went to Lowes and compared all the reds. After a while, I must admit, the reds all start looking the same. I kept going back to the same red though, Heirloom Red. Maybe because I was hungry and kept thinking of heirloom tomatoes, but that's what I went with.

Heres's a picture of the front of my house before:

The front wasn't awful, but it did look a little outdated. 

Also, one thing I also didn't like is that my front door looked so big and wide! 

Now, here are some pictures of the door after!

Heirloom Red Paint from Lowes.

This is how red it actually is. I live in a very shady area so my camera doesn't capture the true red!

After! Now, it looks like we have a door. I also painted the side wooden panels white so it would give it that affect,

Then, I thought...Maybe I should paint the shutters because the colors reminded me of Christmas. (I love Christmas, but I wasn't a fan of the light green shutters anyway! I went with a very navy blue for the shutters. This is progress so far. I still need a bench and little table and such, but it's a start!

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