Monday, October 15, 2012


One thing I do as a hobby is make cakes. I do not, whatsoever, claim I am a pro or anything. It is just something I like doing with my spare time between fixing my new house.

Recently, I did a wedding cake for a couple of my friends. I ALWAYS get so stressed making wedding cakes. I actually don't like doing them much, since it's such an important event, and I just don't want to screw it up! I have only done a handful of wedding cakes, and they have only been for people I actually know. I prefer to make birthday cakes, or something that is themed since it makes it more fun. But regardless, I wanted to share the wedding cakes I have done. Nothing too fancy, but I am proud since I am usually a mess making them and get so stressed, and just to know I finished it and the couple liked it makes me feel a lot better.

This was actually a 10 year anniversary cake, but it was wedding related so I count it! This my first cake I made.  

This was a Tiffany Blue inspired wedding. It was mostly cupcakes, and the topper was a Tiffany box. 

This was a cake for a former classmate of mine. His wife loved hot pink gerbera daisies. And they wanted the wedding to be themed on pink and black.   
This was for one of my closest friends. She got married at the same location I had, so I was very excited to do this for her. She actually made my wedding cake/cupcakes so I  had to make sure I made hers.

 This is the most recent cake I made. This was the first wedding cake I have made that looks like a "wedding cake."( if that makes sense) By that, I mean it looks more traditional, but I think it came out beautifully. I was surprised I was able to make the flowers and how they stayed and how I was able to accomplish something that I usually don't do. And most importantly, that the couple loved it!

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