Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Front House (Semi) Makeover

I got inspired by my red door post...and I painted my door red! Yay! I had been meaning to paint it, but just didn't have time and wasn't sure what color to choose. I went to Lowes and compared all the reds. After a while, I must admit, the reds all start looking the same. I kept going back to the same red though, Heirloom Red. Maybe because I was hungry and kept thinking of heirloom tomatoes, but that's what I went with.

Heres's a picture of the front of my house before:

The front wasn't awful, but it did look a little outdated. 

Also, one thing I also didn't like is that my front door looked so big and wide! 

Now, here are some pictures of the door after!

Heirloom Red Paint from Lowes.

This is how red it actually is. I live in a very shady area so my camera doesn't capture the true red!

After! Now, it looks like we have a door. I also painted the side wooden panels white so it would give it that affect,

Then, I thought...Maybe I should paint the shutters because the colors reminded me of Christmas. (I love Christmas, but I wasn't a fan of the light green shutters anyway! I went with a very navy blue for the shutters. This is progress so far. I still need a bench and little table and such, but it's a start!

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