Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rugging Out

I have been on a search for a rug for our living room. Most rugs I did like were over $200. And since we just bought a house and have been spending money with other things, I had to put getting the rug on the back burner.

I saw a rug at Lowe's on clearance for $49. I was unsure of it, so I decided not to get it. But I had this gut feeling I should have gotten in. The only reason I really didn't get it was because it was rolled up and I really couldn't tell how the rug would look. Then I saw it on a blog I read, Bower Power and thought, "Wow, that looks so good and it's only $49!! I went back to go look for t, and it was back at $98! BOOO! 

I went to another Lowe's to see if maybe they would have it on sale. And nope, $98 too! I noticed it was on the clearance rack so I asked an employee if there was a discount on them and he said 20% only. I had then decided I was not going to get it and just then, I ran into my mom's friend who works there. She asked me what I was looking for and I had explained the old price of the rug and how I really had wanted it but the price went up. 

She went to the back, asked her manager how much it would go for since it was the last one, and I got it for $30 buck-a-roos! Way to go, Lowe's! That made my day!

Oh yeah, $30!
Chainlink Rug. Love the design.

My living room. 

Excuse the mess, but here is the rug. We have lots to do to our living room still, but the rug was a nice add on!


  1. I was searching for a picture of the rug I just bought at Lowe's yesterday (the brown one with the white "chain link" print). I stumbled across your website, and my jaw dropped when I read your post about it... I also got the last one and got mine for $35! Too funny!

    But it gets better... I also make cakes as a hobby ( my living room has a bird theme... AND to top it off... I also painted the front door of our house bright red last year!

    I think you are my twin?? lol! Love your blog! You are adorable! ;)

    1. Wow! What a fun coincidence! I think you are my twin! :)

      And so great that you were able to get the rug for $35 too! what a steal!

      Thanks for stopping by! And your cakes are great!

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