Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bathroom Redo

Our guest bathroom was a project we kept on the back burner....not exactly sure why we didn't work on it sooner, but I'm so glad it's done now! It is a half bathroom and the only bathroom down stairs.

The reason I didn't feel like tackling it was because it was filled with this ugly leaf wallpaper and I knew it would be lots of work and I probably would get frustrated. Turns out I was right, and it was  more frustrating than I anticipated.
Ugly, right?? I think these people were stuck in 90's, but in the worst possible way! 

The part that was most frustrating was that the wallpaper was pretty stuck on the wall, and removing it was actually damaging the wall. The plaster was probably really old that it starting coming off with the wallpaper. If I had not taken all the wallpaper off in the other rooms in our house, I probably would have thought I was doing it wrong, but I knew it was this particular wallpaper that was just old and not budging.
If you look closely, you can see the wall damage caused by the wall paper. We knew we probably would have to get someone to re-plaster. It was the ongoing project we told people we "working on" since they were forced to use the bathroom, but the bathroom actually stayed this way for a months. Please don't judge us! 

Finally, plastered bathroom. They had to remove the sink in order to plaster properly. I actually made sure to paint while they sink was still not installed to make my life a little easier.

And this is the finished painted room. I went with a greyish/blue color from Lowes. I actaully can't remember the name. Oops! And this toilet got replaced with a new toilet. Yay! As you can see, this toilet is a bulky for such a small half bathroom.  

Here's our somewhat finished bathroom! I'm just so happy the leafy/vine wall is gone. It felt claustrophobic before. Here's the new toilet, our fleshly painted walls, and we also added this bathroom shelf since we have no real counter space. 

At some point we want to change the sink, and get more a cabinet sink set since the sink is angled and outdated. But for the moment, this totally works compared to before. 

Our over the toilet cabinet. I changed the knobs to vintage crystal knobs I got at Lowes on clearance for $1.00! I still need art work on the walls, but more on that later!

I am extremely happy we painted our last final room in our house. Won't be the last time I use a paint brush, but I am happy our house looks completed. 


Our bathroom is still in progress, but I am so happy with it now. Only took us 4 months to finally change it. Have you had a project you procrastinated that long for? 

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