Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Snow Globe

I have been seeing these DIY snow globes on pinterest since last year. I want to make many more, but I needed to test it out on one first.

 I used 4 items only to make the snow globe
Empty jar
Glue gun
Any fun ornament
(okay...technically 5 items if you want to count the water as well!)

I hot glued the bottom of my nutcracker ornament to the bottom of the jar lid.

Then I added all my assortment of glitter into the jar. At Michael's they sell the assorted glitter samples set for $2. I like the different glitter textures more, but whatever you have is just as good.

Then I filled the jar will water and twisted the jar lid back on a shook my DIY snow globe!

Here's the finished product. It is so very easy. I put it on my mantle for now. I cannot wait to make more! Enjoy!

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