Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From the Heart

With Valentine's Day coming up, one thing that keeps popping up on my pinterest are heart inspired things. I love love! Here are some of my favorite things!

I love this floral heart print. Looks so whimsical! 

What a great way to show your instagram pics, than in a heart collage

I adore this heart string art! This is something I want to try! 

This rustic heart garland is so unique and vintage looking. Love!

Are there any projects you're going to try for valentine's Day around the house? I know my next project will be the heart string art! Stay tuned for that! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Wedding Details & DIY

Some of my favorite wedding picture that I have are the little details of my wedding. I spent a few months getting all the decor together and making it myself, and to see it in beautiful pictures made me happy. My photographer, Lydia, did such an amazing job capturing all the personalized decor for the wedding, and the beautiful venue. I was so busy enjoying the moment of the wedding, being married, and being surrounded by loved ones, that I'm glad I have the details in pictures!

One of my favorite things about my wedding was the venue and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. The location was a ranch home in Camarillo, CA. The property was so outdoorsy ,rustic, and just felt intimate. Just what I wanted! So when I saw just simply pictures of the place, I was delighted!

So many of my wedding ideas were just pictures I saw online, and keeping them in folders on my computer. (Why didn't pinterest exist back then?! Seriously!) Anyhow, I really wanted to personalize my wedding from getting my bird cages spray painted, to so many online orders like the keys I used to hang on branches. And to see how it all came together and my vision come to life in pictures was more than I could ask.

Seeing the pictures again just makes me smile. The wedding was very much like my husband and me, simple and intimate. Our guest that went were the ones closest to us, and the wedding was just about love & becoming one, and sharing it with loved ones.

Friday, January 25, 2013

All That Glitters is Gold

Gold for a while was seen as tacky. I get it, the 90's gave it a bad rep with some weird home decor. But now, I love decorating with Gold. Nothing too crazy, but I love that extra shimmery pop of color. 

I love this pendant light. I love how the bulbs just have a touch of gold to make it playful.

Oh, I want this print! I just adore the gold ampersand!   

How adorable are these hedge measuring cups. I love their tiny details in gold. 

This round, gold table is so sleek and modern. I want it for my living room!  

I love these Nate Berkus brass bowls from Target! Adds a fancy touch to your home! 

Are you a little to timid to try gold? My suggestion, start small! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All about Cars

This past weekend was my nephew's 3rd birthday. One of the movies he loves is Cars, so for his birthday, of course, he wanted a Cars inspired cake. And since I love making cakes as a hobby and I just love my nephew,  I was more than happy to make his birthday cake!

I usually look online for inspirations, and start small with little details. 

These tiny signs and lights were so fun to make. 

And of course you need some tires, and cones. And since Cars is set in the desert I needed to have cactuses too! 

Here is the finished cake. I decided to go with desert and racer theme for the Cars cake. And instead of the Cars logo, I put my nephew's name to make it more personalized.

As you can see he was very happy, and slightly shy since he realized everyone was singing just for him! My cake wasn't perfect, but I had fun with it. And what matters most was that my nephew loved the cake!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Time to Eat.

One of the rooms I've been wanting to work on at our house is our dining room. It's still a work in progress, but I've been making my own art in there so it doesn't look so bare. I decided to make a mini "EAT" sign. Michael's sells really cheap wood letters, so I thought, "why not!?"

 You only need a few things. The letters, acrylic paint, and a foam brush. And you can have the letters spell anything you want. This would even be great to do for a kid's room, and have their name over their bed.
I chose red since I kind of have those colors going on in my kitchen and dining room. I painted a couple coats, and it was dry about an hour after.

Here is the final outcome. I think it made my frames more interesting, and the room more fun! Something so simple, that really only took less than 10 minutes to do can be something you can do to spruce up your room. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Red, White, and Black

Some of my favorite J. Crew items online were either Red, White, Black...and even all three colors combined! I love this color pallet. One of my favorites. The black and white are such classy colors, and just adding the pop of red instantly changes the outfit in a hip way. 
I love the simplicity in this white & black tote.

This classy solid red dress gets a twist with the peplum flair!
(Also, I LOVE those heels!!)

Swooning over these red cat-eye sunglasses! 

Color blocking at it's best. Loving the red pencil skirt!

These cap toe pumps are just the thing to make your outfit a bit more sassy!

All theses favorites may seem plain and straightforward,  but that's what I love. I especially love that it can even be matched with patterned, fun fabrics too! 
Oh, J.crew, you are on my wish list these season! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

West Elm Bathroom Love

I love the yellow and grey inspired colors for the bathroom from West Elm. The subtle colors are fabulous, and because of it you can throw in a bright color like the teal vases on the bottom  right. 

I wish there were a West Elm closer, the closest one is the one on Beverly Blvd., but so glad online shopping exist! 

  1. Turtle Shell Box
  2. Lemon Soap
  3. Yellow & Grey Shower Curtain
  4. Porcelain Stripe Trays
  5. Hive Vases

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Update: Fancy Dinner & Palm Springs

This weekend was quite an adventurous one for the Changs.

My Mr. Chang took me out on a nice fancy dinner Friday night. Why? Well, we kind of were celebrating good things happening in our lives. We went to a French restaurant at the Walt Disney Concert Hall called Patina. I LOVED it. The food was so delicious, I was almost tempted to lick my plate off!

Everything about this place was just amazing. I loved their simple presentation, to their modern choices in glasses. I love fine dining restaurants, especially ones with Michelin Stars. I love good food that is just an explosion of flavors in one bite, and then discovering new flavors in the second bite. I was one happy lady!

Saturday came, and I went to two baby showers and was pooped from the weekend already. Then on Sunday, my husband decides he wants us to take a day trip to Palm Springs. So what did we do folks? We went to Palm Springs. 

I hadn't gone to Palm Springs since I was kid. Going now was a new experience. I don't remember some areas being so mid-century modern inspired. The dessert feel is kind of fun too. Maybe next time, we'll actually spend a weekend there.

 That's all for my weekend update! I have house projects I'm currently working on, so I'll update on those later this week.

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