Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All about Cars

This past weekend was my nephew's 3rd birthday. One of the movies he loves is Cars, so for his birthday, of course, he wanted a Cars inspired cake. And since I love making cakes as a hobby and I just love my nephew,  I was more than happy to make his birthday cake!

I usually look online for inspirations, and start small with little details. 

These tiny signs and lights were so fun to make. 

And of course you need some tires, and cones. And since Cars is set in the desert I needed to have cactuses too! 

Here is the finished cake. I decided to go with desert and racer theme for the Cars cake. And instead of the Cars logo, I put my nephew's name to make it more personalized.

As you can see he was very happy, and slightly shy since he realized everyone was singing just for him! My cake wasn't perfect, but I had fun with it. And what matters most was that my nephew loved the cake!

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