Friday, January 25, 2013

All That Glitters is Gold

Gold for a while was seen as tacky. I get it, the 90's gave it a bad rep with some weird home decor. But now, I love decorating with Gold. Nothing too crazy, but I love that extra shimmery pop of color. 

I love this pendant light. I love how the bulbs just have a touch of gold to make it playful.

Oh, I want this print! I just adore the gold ampersand!   

How adorable are these hedge measuring cups. I love their tiny details in gold. 

This round, gold table is so sleek and modern. I want it for my living room!  

I love these Nate Berkus brass bowls from Target! Adds a fancy touch to your home! 

Are you a little to timid to try gold? My suggestion, start small! 

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