Monday, January 28, 2013

Wedding Details & DIY

Some of my favorite wedding picture that I have are the little details of my wedding. I spent a few months getting all the decor together and making it myself, and to see it in beautiful pictures made me happy. My photographer, Lydia, did such an amazing job capturing all the personalized decor for the wedding, and the beautiful venue. I was so busy enjoying the moment of the wedding, being married, and being surrounded by loved ones, that I'm glad I have the details in pictures!

One of my favorite things about my wedding was the venue and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. The location was a ranch home in Camarillo, CA. The property was so outdoorsy ,rustic, and just felt intimate. Just what I wanted! So when I saw just simply pictures of the place, I was delighted!

So many of my wedding ideas were just pictures I saw online, and keeping them in folders on my computer. (Why didn't pinterest exist back then?! Seriously!) Anyhow, I really wanted to personalize my wedding from getting my bird cages spray painted, to so many online orders like the keys I used to hang on branches. And to see how it all came together and my vision come to life in pictures was more than I could ask.

Seeing the pictures again just makes me smile. The wedding was very much like my husband and me, simple and intimate. Our guest that went were the ones closest to us, and the wedding was just about love & becoming one, and sharing it with loved ones.

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