Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Update: Fancy Dinner & Palm Springs

This weekend was quite an adventurous one for the Changs.

My Mr. Chang took me out on a nice fancy dinner Friday night. Why? Well, we kind of were celebrating good things happening in our lives. We went to a French restaurant at the Walt Disney Concert Hall called Patina. I LOVED it. The food was so delicious, I was almost tempted to lick my plate off!

Everything about this place was just amazing. I loved their simple presentation, to their modern choices in glasses. I love fine dining restaurants, especially ones with Michelin Stars. I love good food that is just an explosion of flavors in one bite, and then discovering new flavors in the second bite. I was one happy lady!

Saturday came, and I went to two baby showers and was pooped from the weekend already. Then on Sunday, my husband decides he wants us to take a day trip to Palm Springs. So what did we do folks? We went to Palm Springs. 

I hadn't gone to Palm Springs since I was kid. Going now was a new experience. I don't remember some areas being so mid-century modern inspired. The dessert feel is kind of fun too. Maybe next time, we'll actually spend a weekend there.

 That's all for my weekend update! I have house projects I'm currently working on, so I'll update on those later this week.

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