Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blank Canvas

Lately I have been working on our wall going up the stairs. We have really high ceiling so I think not having anything on our walls just made our wall seem really empty. My idea was to fill our  white wall with prints, and some photos of ours in white frames. I thought the idea of white on white would be simple, but interesting.

These are some free prints I found on pinterest that worked perfectly with white frames I had.
Here is where I got some of the printables from if you're interested.

Before I started framing, I cut out paper templates to make sure everything looked balanced. I also made little circles on the areas I would need to nail to make it easier for me. Then you can arrange the frames!

 Here's the progress. My wall has a little more character!  I have more frames I would like to fill the wall with, but for now this will do. Update to come!

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