Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY String Art

Earlier this week on pinterest, I saw this string art I had posted about. I was very determined to make. And it actually turned to 3 projects!

Love string art.

R & P string art!

  Heart String Art

All you need is a piece of square wood, nails, string, wood stain, and a print out/cut out. And it's so very easy. A little time consuming, but easy.

Step One: Stain the wood if you'd like. I used a kona brown stain I already had.
Step Two: Once the stain is dry (takes about 15 minutes), take your letter print out or shape and tape it to the wood.
Step Three: Hammering! Nail around the outline of the shape. I spaced each nail using my thumb. 
Step Four: Once you're done hammering all the nails in, you can remove the paper.
Step Five: String away! Tie a knot on a nail and keep stringing and wrapping the string on the nails until you start seeing your pattern. This was my favorite part. I kind of started by outlining it first, but there is no right way!

These string art pieces will be going in our master bedroom. My master bedroom is a work in progress, and I needed more decor for our room, so this was a perfect project for it.

Wish I had more pictures of the process of doing this project, but my computer did not save the pictures and deleted them from my camera. Tech malfunction- but hope you enjoyed the finished project! 

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