Thursday, February 14, 2013

Homemade Fondant

One thing I never tackled was homemade fondant. Making a whole cake and decorating was hard enough, and just thinking about making fondant too sounded crazy.

So I decided to making it on an occasion that it was okay to mess up: Valentine's Day! The only person I make treats for is my husband that day, and if I mess up...he's suppose to love me unconditionally, right???

I looked up recipes, and I went with one of my favorite blog's recipe, Bake at 350.

All You Need:
16 oz. bag of marshmallow minis
2 lbs. powdered sugar (they usually come in a box)
3 TBSP of water

I greased the a large bowl (that's microwavable) with crisco, and poured all the marshmallows in. Also, pour the 3 TBSP of water in the bowl as well. 

Microwave your bowl in 30-second intervals, and stir after each interval. Keep doing the 30-second intervals until everything is melted.

Add almost all the powdered sugar into a standing mixer's bowl. (save 1/4 cup of powdered sugar)
Grease the paddle attachment with Crisco. It helps with the stickiness.
Pour the melted marshmallow into the stand mixer bowl where you have the powdered sugar.

Then you beat until you see a dough like consistency. This part was scary since there were lots of tiny bits at the bottom of the bowl. I read it's okay if that happens. Phew!

Finally, you grease a clean work surface with crisco, and place all you fondant (even the tiny bits) onto the surface. Knead the fondant together. And it starts to become smooth, and more of a fondant texture! 

Use the powdered sugar you saved to help you keep the fondant from becoming a sticky mess. Only use the sugar once the fondant is a smooth. Keep doing this until it's at a texture that's workable for you. 

Then was my favorite part, I divided the fondant into 4 parts and colored each part in different colors.

I rolled my fondant, and cut out heart shaped figures in 4 colors: pink, yellow, green, and white. Here's my vine video below!

My idea was to make the my fondant look like Valentine's Day candy with messgaes on them. I got my edible red marker, and wrote typical candy messages, and hashtag messages to make it funny. 

Here's the finished product! I made my usual cupcakes with my buttercream, and topped it with my homemade fondant hearts! Wasn't as hard as I thought!

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day! 

XOXO, Priscilla

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