Thursday, February 7, 2013

Staining Alive!

My best friend is always looking for good deals on furniture at yard sales and such, and she found this amazing dresser that she haggled down to $12! And because it didn't fit in her place, she bought it for me instead! Yes, that's why she's so great and my best friend!

It has a mid century modern flair and I just loved it! It had some scratches, but nothing sanding and cleaning couldn't fix.

In this lighting, it doesn't look so bad, but the wood was too light that it didn't work with my house. So my idea was to stain it with wood stain I already had. So I spent $0! 

This after it was cleaned, and sanded! 

Once I was done sanding, I got a towel and swiped the dresser down to make sure there was no wood residue. Then I started staining with a Kona brown I love! 

I started with the drawers. I took them out to start staining. Here's the difference between the two colors. What a little stain can do! 

I love how you can see the wood grain even with the stain!

Yay! I love the dark wood! Makes the dresser look so modern and a bit glossy!

I decided to put it next to our bed! And of course it went on my side of the bed!!


This was my project I was working on this week. I love the darker wood for my house. I also think the stain helped hide the kinks! Have you ever tried staining furniture? If you haven't, it isn't so scary! Maybe start with something inexpensive so it doesn't feel like such a gamble.  

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