Monday, March 11, 2013

Instagram Inspiration

Over a month ago I got some of my Instagram pictures printed out. They are so cute and printed on 4x4 sheets. I love them because they are of your everyday life and so simple to have printed. I used postalpix which is an app you can download for free on your phone and it makes loading your pictures 100 times easier. And the shipping is soo fast!

The pictures have been sitting on coffee table since because I could not decide how to frame them, or where they would go...until yesterday!

I was at pier one yesterday and thought this frame was so unique, and when I saw how squared each section was, I thought, "that's exactly what I need for my Instagram pictures!"

But of course being the DIY-kind-of-girl, I decided that I want to make a variation of this frame with possibly a colorful frame instead. That will be my project for this week, so tuned!  

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