Monday, March 25, 2013

The Dirtiest Clean I Know

With Spring here, most of us get inspired to do some Spring cleaning! I know I do! It almost gives a house a mini makeover when everything is cleaned and organized.

I wanted to share some of my favorite cleaning products. I always just used whatever my mom kept in her house, but now being married, I have been experimental and trying new things! Yup, this girl is crazy...for cleaning!

Method has my all time favorite dish soap. First off, how pretty is this bottle and not to mention the scents are amazing! But most importantly, it's ultra grease-fighting and has this convenient pump! 

Clorox does wonders! Seriously, this stuff is my go-to to get rid of tough stains! I recommend this for sinks, stoves, or anything in the bathroom you want to make white and disinfect!

Going with a classic! Windex has never failed me! Makes everything streak-free and shiny! And it always makes my house smell fresh! 

Mrs. Meyers is a good one for just an all around clean. I even use this stuff to clean my floors from stains. Mrs. Meyers always has the best unique fragrances, this one is radish! 

Tide is probably one of the most popular laundry detergents out there. I especially like the "free and gentle" kind. It is dye and perfume free and cleans great. 

I really like Seventh Generation products, but I especially like their wood cleaner. It cleans and conditions your wood naturally! Gotta love that! 

Lysol has great disinfecting wipes. They are thick and easy for wiping. And it also kills cold and flu viruses? Yes, please! 

C'mon, I could not mention Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! This stuff does wonders! I use this a lot! I mostly use it to clean my walls or my baseboards. This eraser is magically amazing.

 I can probably keep going and going on other products and more specific cleaning, but these are my top daily cleaners. This is what works for our home, and keeps our house clean and smelling fresh.

All this cleaning talk is more of a motivation to clean and get rid of my clutter! Excuse me while I go and do some cleaning...

Xoxo, Priscilla

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