Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Birthday Madness

This past week weekend we celebrated my nephews' birthdays. They are brothers and their birthdays are a few weeks apart so my sister did a combined birthday party. We had lots of fun, but of course that meant two cakes! It just isn't fair if they had to share cakes too! They are both into different things so I made cakes to accommodate each of their likes! I just love my nephews!

Evan's Birthday Cake
 My nephew Evan turned 3, and he absolutely loves trains and cars. So a train cake was just fitting. This was such a fun cake to make. My nephew kept sneaking Mike & Ike's out of the train's cargo too! What a silly boy!

Bobby's Birthday Cake
My nephew Bobby turned 5, and he just loves super heros! One of his favorites is Spider-Man. Last year I made him a Batman cake so we had to switch it up a bit! Maybe next year he'll want the Hulk. 

Here are some more pictures of the party!

And of course one of my favorite things about family gathers are hanging out with my siblings. 
(Note-I'm actually not that tall! I was wearing wedges!) 

I had a lot of fun at my nephews' birthday party. One more nephew's birthday cake to make this year, but that's not till September!

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