Saturday, March 2, 2013

Table Styles

The Changs are on the search for a new dining room table! Do you know what that means??? More than 4 people will be able to sit on the table now!

Yes, we had a small 4 seater before, but we are looking for an 6-8 seater. We have been on the search for one, but now with family coming over for lunch this weekend, we are forced to get one sooner than later! That makes me very happy! 

Here are my top three very different tables!

Cottage-Style Dining Table

I actually do love this style. It's so pretty and all that white makes me happy! I'm not sure if it would go with the rest of the house, but it could possible work! 

Rustic/Industrial-Style Dining Table

Oh, this looks is just to die for! Those metal chairs are just so great and that solid wood table can make any home feel very cool and laid back! 

Danish Modern-Style Dining Table

This is probably one of my husband's favorite styles. The design is so stylish and simple. I do have to admit I am pretty in love with this table! 

Decisions, decisions! What will we do? We are going today and picking something out Will let you know what style we went with!

Xoxo, Priscilla

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