Friday, March 15, 2013

We've Been Framed!

Earlier this week I shared a frame that I was inspired to make. It was actually very easy! And very cheap too!

As I had mentioned before, I wanted a frame that I could display my Instagram picture I had printed out from PostalPix. I got cute 4x4 prints, and I ordered them straight from my phone with their app. So easy and super fast shipping!  The only thing I was missing was a frame to display all of my prints!

What you need: Only 6 things!

A Frame: any big size will do. (depends on how big you're going for) I got my frame at the Goodwill for $3!
Instagram Prints: I got mine from Postal Pix for 33 cents each.
Paint/Spray Paint: I already had.
Screw Eyes Hooks- You can get from any hardware store.
Wire: I got beading wire from a craft store(in the jewelry making section).
Mini Clothes Pins: Also from the craft store.

The first thing you have to do is place the pictures inside the frame so you can figure out how many pictures realistically will fit before you wire the frame. For me, 12 pictures fit in my frame. 

Then I measured the sides and divided the inches by the picture amount so they would be placed evenly. For example, my width of the inside of the frame was 15 inches, and I divided it by 3. Then I knew to mark every 5 inches so the screw would be placed there. Then you do the same to the length.

I know, math, right? phew. That's all, I promise!

You can paint the frame if you would like. I spray painted mine white since I had the spray paint already. You don't have to though. You'll want to do this before any of the screwing and wiring begins. 

Then you can begin screwing into each placement on the frame. I screwed them by hand. (my fingers were hurting after, so I don't recommend!)
Once you have screwed one on each side, you can connect the wire to one another. 
You're basically making a grid.

And using this wire is extremely easy to use since it's made for beading. I picked it for that very reason. When I was attaching it to the screw end, I just kind of put it in the circle and started to loop in around over and over to make sure it was tight. There's not right way, just make sure it's sturdy. 

Once I was done with all my wiring, you get your clothes pins, and literally pin all your Instagram pictures. Once I saw the frame hanging there, I realized I didn't like the white on white.

So, I decided to paint it over!

I only removed the pictures and clothes pins to repaint. Martha Stewart's muti-surface paints are my favorite.  The colors are pretty too! I used Wild Salmon. I'm glad I repainted it because it made the frame pop!

Now, I really love my frame. It's not perfect, but it's personal. My kind of decor! 

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