Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Corkin' My Heart

I finally did a project with all the wine corks I had. (And no, I am not a wino!) I used to work at a hotel, and the bartender gave me bags of wine corks he saved up. I meant to do a project with them, but couldn't decide what. So, I went with the obvious...a cork board! But not just any cork board, but a heart shaped one with some color. 

First, you need lots of corks. The size of your heart will depend on how many corks you have. I had a lot, so I went bigger.

I cut out a heart template so my heart wouldn't look so off. I also squeezed the paint colors I wanted to dip the end of the corks with.

I began to dip the corks in the paints and place them on the heart to get a feel of how many to do, and also to let the dry.

I began to fill the heart, and once it looked mostly filled with some space in between, I stopped, and decided to fill the spacing with unpainted corks. I still wanted it to get the cork-like-board feel.

Once the paint was dry, I filled it in with the corks to make sure I liked the look. I did, so I started to hot glue the corks onto the heart template, and I also hot glued some of the sides to connect with other corks.

I actually wasn't sure if hot glueing the corks to the template and to each other would work, but it did! I let it dry for a couple days, and added a frame hanger to the back.  

 I place the cork board in my guest room, that I use as a crafts room too. I think it turned out great! It
 is a very easy project, and great for an office or kitchen.

*side note

*After seeing all the images on the television yesterday, I woke up today hoping it was just a nightmare. It breaks my heart that someone would intentionally want to hurt innocent people. But God heals the brokenhearted. This is a realization for me, and probably to many, that this life we live in isn't guaranteed or meant to last forever. I thank God I don't put my hope on people because people will fail and disappoint us, and instead put all my hope on God. My God is bigger than all these problems, and I will keep praying for Boston and all those affected. 

 xoxo, Priscilla

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