Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Update: Cakes

This weekend was a crazy one for me. I made a 2 tiered wedding anniversary cake, along with 150 cupcakes. Then I made a cake for my sister's boyfriend, and 30 cupcakes for my other sister. They all were for the same day. Luckily, I planned my cake making or else I would have been a stressed mess! (which I have been before!)

This was the first time I had made so many cake orders. I once tried to make two cake orders for the same weekend, and it did not turn well for me. It might have been my lack of time, but after that incident, I never again made that commitment until this past weekend. And the reason I did it it was because I had committed to the anniversary cake and got paid in advance for it. So that was a given that I would do that order. Then my sister's boyfriend cake had already been promised a couple months back. Then my other sister's cupcakes were added since she was having a birthday party. Thankfully I knew about this in advance, and planned my time. I was not stressed, I didn't have a meltdown, Ralph didn't get my crazy side, and I actually slept! It was a success in my book.

Here are the 150 cupcakes for the wedding. It seemed never ending, but it actually wasn't so bad.

Here is the 2 tiered Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake. I loved adding all the gold!

 This was the cake for my sister's boyfriend. He loves Nutella, so course I had to do a Nutella jar. This cake was surprisingly easy to do. Probably because the shape and height was simpler. Nonetheless, it was really fun!

And last but not least, these were the cupcakes for my sister. I went with a very festive birthday theme. I think the balloons were my favorite!

Well, I learned this week I can do more than one cake at a time. I actually can do it! Here comes the but...BUT I will not choose to do more than one cake if it's up to me (unless I feel like I can do it without being too stressed). I am happy I was able to overcome my last miserable experience, and I am happy I know I can do it successfully, but I just can't commit to it every time. I am also glad all the cakes looked good, and not sloppy. Now I can put my last experience away, and think back on this one. I am happy I proved myself wrong.

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