Thursday, May 30, 2013

Feeling distressed?

Yes, this is another Pinterest post! But seriously, can they not have so many fun ideas? Anyhow, I saw this idea on how to paint and distress mason jars with acrylic paint. My thought..."I have jars and acrylic paint! " And that was the end of it!

I couldn't decide where exactly I would put these mason jars, but then I thought my mantle would be a fun place to add a pop of color. 

I chose three different colors and painted the jars and let them dry for 4 hours. 
After they were dry, I used a sand block to give it the distressed look. I also saw on Pinterest that someone recommended a nail filer to distress it as well. I actually did both! What I love about this project is that if you mess up, you can't tell! So easy and very cute! One of my favorite one day projects! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Silver Screen

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned I was finally painting the back of my front door. I left it the way it came, and it was not too nice. It just made the foyer look less modern because of the bulky wooden door. 

I couldn't decide what color to paint it, but since the foyer is grey tones, I thought it would be nice to paint the door a darker grey color. I went with Behr's Silver Screen. It was bold enough, but not too dark where it would make the room look smaller. 

Then, I decided on white for the siding. 

Here's the finished paint. I think it came out pretty good. I prefer it way more than the solid wood color. It brights up the foyer a lot more, and there's more consistency throughout. 

Easy small project, that makes a difference in the room. Who knew what a little paint can do. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Navy & Red All Over

I hope all of you had a great Memorial Day! I am thankful to live in such an amazing country. 
And when these holidays come, I always feel the need to be extra patriotic. Does that happen to you too? 
I don't go overboard, but I tend to choose red or navy when dressing up for Memorial Day or Fourth of July. Navy can be more toned down, and red is a little more bright, but equally pretty in my eyes! 

Red Sunnies                  Navy Sunnies
Red Dress                       Navy Dress
Red Heels                       Navy Heels
Red Swim                        Navy Swim
Red Necklace                    Navy Bangle

I can't decide what color I am more. On an everyday basis, I am more prone to choose navy, but if I am going out and plan my outfit, I tend to choose more red. I say I love both, mostly because I love every piece above! Swooning over navy and red!

What's your go to color?

Friday, May 24, 2013


Earlier this year I noticed JC Penny had a section at their store from a brand called Pearl. I didn't even realize it was Georgina Chapman brand. And looking through their online collection, I can see Marchesa inspired items! 

Here are my favorite little black dresses from the Pearl collection. 
This simple black one is classy and cute. And the back has an amazing bow! 

The details on the black one is adorable. Love the shear with the polka dots. 

This one is very Marchesa, and elegant. If you want a Marchesa gown without the massive hole in your pocket, is this a great option.  

You can check out the rest of the Pearl collection here

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

S'more Marshmallows

A while back ago, I did a post on homemade marshmallows. Well...I made some more! It was my sister's birthday and she mentioned she wanted treats as a gift. I knew I wanted to make flavored marshmallows. I decided to attempt s'more marshmallows.

It's actually very easy. Just more time consuming since it's a tri-layed marshmallow.

Just follow the recipe here. Some modifications though. You're basically making three batches of marshmallows, but one batch at a time.

Graham Cracker Layer- (bottom layer)
Substitute 3/4 cup sugar for 1/2 cup sugar & 1/4 cup brown sugar
Substitute corn syrup for honey
And 1 cup of crushed graham crackers that you will stir in at the end of the fluffing process.

Then pour into pan.

Vanilla Layer- (middle layer)
Nothing changes in this layer from the recipe link

pour over the graham cracker layer. 

Chocolate Layer- (top layer)
Substitue 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract for 2 tbsp of cocoa powder
Stir cocoa powder instead of beating it. 

pour over the vanilla layer

There's a Vine quick video of the process. 

Let it sit for 6 hours/ overnight. 

Marshmallows are usually pretty sticky when its done. When you turn it over to take out of the pan, I actually had an extra 1/4 cup of crushed graham crackers and stuck it to the now top layer of marshmallow, and coat the rest with the powdered/corn starch mix.

They actually tasted really good. All three layers had their distinct taste, that all together it kind of did taste like a s'more!

Here's the big box of s'mores I gave my sister!
I think this won't be my last time making marshamllows. As long as you have basic vanilla marshmallow recipe, it's very easy to try new flavors!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY- Sharpie Mugs

For Mother's Day, my mom was actually vacationing at the Rivera Maya, and I didn't get to spend the day with her. I kind of had scattered gifts for her. First, I had given her an early gift. It was a fun chunky necklace. I thought it was perfect for vacationing, so that's why I gave it to her early. Then, my siblings and I made a photo book with pictures we took all together, including my cute little nephews. The only thing shipped late. (I should be getting it today.) And lastly, I had planned to make a DIY personalized gift. Fun mugs!

My momma is the reason I am a big coffee drinker. My mom drinks her coffee with milk and sugar. So to her, there was no harm giving me coffee at 14 years old. It tasted sweet, but that was the end of me, of course. Even before I got married and lived at home, my mom always had a coffee pot going for both of us. Coffee is our thing.  So I wanted to make something meaningful and cute.

Last year, I saw a blog post on A Beautiful Mess that was a DIY sharpie mug set. It gave me an idea to make something similar, but of course in gold and my own design.  It's so very easy.

First, I bought a couple mugs from the 99 cent store and some fine tip metallic sharpies. Project is less than $5!

 Then just start writing, drawing, or whatever your little heart desires. I actually had no idea where I was going with the mug, and just started with a cute banner since my mom like those, and I do too! 

I almost wrote "Happy Mother's Day", but I wanted my mom to use it all year long. So I went with "cafe con leche" (coffee with milk) 

Once I was done with designing them, it was time to bake. I put it in the oven before it was on, and turned up the heat at 350. I left it in for 30 minutes total. (including the time it was in preheat)

After it cooled off, I washed it to make sure it was fine. And it was! The marker stayed on! Woo hoo!

I guess I was so happy with the result, I did more! I wish had more time to think of a great design, but I was pretty satisfied and I know my mom will love them!

I think I will be making some for my house now. I am digging these mugs, and so inexpensive to make!

XOXO- Priscilla

Monday, May 20, 2013

Patterned Feet

I am loving patterned flats these days. I used to wear them more in high school, but now I am getting more into them. I feel like it makes outfits pop when you wear more subdue outfits. You can find them in so many places now, and different price ranges. 

1 2 3 4 5

Which one is your favorite? I think I am loving pink ones with multicolored stripes! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Painting again?

Just when I thought I wouldn't be painting much more in my house...i go ahead and paint again. I painted the front door of my house red with white siding about 6 months ago. You can see my front door here. BUT, I kind of left the back side door unpainted. Guilty! I guess I knew I eventually wanted to paint it, but I was not motivated to. I started on this project this week.

Here's the before. This giant wood door isn't very appealing, and having almost the same color flooring feels like an overload! This is my project for the next couple days. The door will be grey, and sides will be white. I decided on the cool colors since the foyer gets less light, and a dark/bold color may not be fitting for such a dim room. 

Will share my after photos soon! I'll keep you updated.

XOXO, Priscilla

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DIY- Spray Painting a Bar Cart

A couple weeks ago, I was looking at bar carts for inspiration. I bought a cart from my neighbor's yard sale for $5. I thought about what color to spray paint it, and finally decided on gold!! I think I noticed I love spray painting things gold. Maybe because it looks pretty and shiny. 

Here's how it looked before. It was an old wood color, with rusty silver legs. Not my taste at all.

And here's the after. 

I think the gold gives it more of a retro feel. At the moment, the cart is sitting in our library. It seemed appropriate since it's the hubby's favorite room. I'm sure it will move around, but I'm kind of in love with it! 

P.S. Sorry for the delay in post. This girl has been feeling under the weather lately, and finally got rest last night! Yay! 

XOXO- Priscilla 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Whether you're a mom, have a mom, or have a special women in your life that has always mothered you, today is a great to celebrate them. 

I am so fortunate to have a wonderful mother who I hope to be like one day. She is my rock, my friend, my cheerleader, and my counselor. I love her so much for being more than a mom. 

I love this print. As I get older, I find it to be more true.
Have a great Mother's Day! 

image from mom

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Clutching to a Book

Have I mentioned how much I love books? I'm pretty sure I have. I just love to read. I know they have the e-readers now, but nothing compares to the real thing. 

Kate Spade came out with these book clutches a while back, but I always love to look at them, and long over all of them. Kate Spade never disappoints. 

This The Great Gatsby clutch is bright and lovely, and actually on sale. I just love the pearls on the cover. 

Can this Emma clutch me anymore perfect. I cannot get over the quote on the back, and all the pretty arrows. And the font is perfect.

 This blue A Tale of Two Cities clutch is such a pretty color. The city map, and the small gold details. Swooning. 

Oh, this Romeo & Juliet clutch is stunning. Shakespeare is so great alone, but this fun design gets me. The spine is perfect, and the colors for the quote are spot on.

The Importance of Being Earnest clutch give me great cheer. Kate Spade's attention to detail is so unique.

I can't decide which one I would want. I find myself picking Emma, then I see The Tale of Two Cities, and I change my mind. And then the Romeo & Juliet one melts my heart and I get stuck all over again. Oh, boy...can someone just buy me all of them? Which one would you pick?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Taking Chances

Lately, I've been reading lots of posters on Pinterst with quotes on taking leaps of faith, or taking chances. They are so motivating and encouraging, but actually making the choice to take a chance is terrifying.
I am a planner and organizer. Priscilla Chang does not take chances usually, and very rarely is spontaneous. Mostly, because I am a chicken. I am cautious, and afraid the unknown. But lately, I am quite the opposite.  How did this become of me? There have been a few times in my life that I drastically changed planned things for myself.

When I was in second grade, I said I wanted to be a teacher. I did a whole project on, "when I grow up...", and I was confident in my decision to be a teacher. I committed to that decision to the point that I actually applied to Elementary Education programs for college when I was deciding colleges when I was 17 years old. I got accepted to colleges for education programs, and had even taken extra curricular classes on child development.  I love being around kids, I am good with kids, and I truly enjoy their company. But all of a sudden, I began to think, "what if being around kids somehow feels like 'work', and I ended up resenting something I enjoy?" I also knew I wanted to do something that involved me using my creative side. So instead, I went to community college for the first couple years, and majored in food service management in a culinary arts program. My plan drastically changed. I was following another passion. Food and arts were something I enjoyed, and probably got that love from my dad. He was, of course, happy for my desicion. But when I realized how difficult, and competitive being a chef actually was, I focused on the managerial part of the culinary arts. I went back to what I know best, planning & organizing, and using the logical part of my brain. Most chefs were married to their work, and I had bigger plans for myself. I guess in that back of head, I knew I wanted more.

I then stilled followed my career in hospitality management, and got my bachelors in science in that. I was good at it, and I stuck with it because it was confronting and stable. I also began making confectionary cakes, and started to love designing them and making them unique. For me, that's was when I got to express my artsy creative side. But of course, I had a full time job, and cakes remained my hobby.

I started to fill an emptiness as far as my career. I was stuck in a corporate job I didn't enjoy. I somehow got stuck doing sales, I used my creativeness for events like for floral arrangements, or invites for clients, but that was like 10 percent of the time. I was still in charge of catering, but it didn't feel the same way it used to. When they told me my job would then be eliminated, I felt a sense of relief because I was looking for a way out. But also a sense of fear, "what will I do now?" But then, they offered me another managerial job in a different department. I would still be on salary making the same,but the hours would be all over place(not fun), my job description would change.( and not in a good way) All of a sudden, as they say, the ball was in my court. I had to make a decision, the part I'm not good at.  "Could we afford me not working?" We just bought a house, and a new car so having a stable job would help. Ralph was so great, and encouraged me to follow my passion, except I wasn't exactly sure what it was. What was next? I had no idea.

I started to fix up my house, I then started to figure out a lot of my likes. I loved interior design, and DIY projects. I have also known that fashion is one of my loves. I have always sketched designs in classes, and that's how I focused. I was an innovated one. What kind of things are out there for me? I didn't know, but I followed my passions. I fixed up my house, I started this blog, and took chances when normally I would be timid to do so. I applied to an internship that I almost didn't apply to. It was creative, fun, and in Los Angeles. I normally would not apply because I would convince myself of all the reasons I shouldn't. Ralph said, "You should do it!" I then of course began saying, "What if they say I'm not experienced", or " What if I'm not the kind of 'creative' they are looking for?" I guess I wouldn't know until I tried. I had nothing to lose. Yet, I had everything to gain. I got the internship being me. Sometimes I wonder why I psych myself out. When they say, "you are your worst enemy", that is absolutely true. It's like I put myself down before anyone gets to, even though no is putting me down. I have this guard up, and could potentially miss these chances, these blessings. These days, I'm on to something. Not sure what path it's going to take me, but I'm doing something. I left comfort, and took the less traveled route. I'm thankful I get to because these chances don't happen by chance. Sometimes you have to go out and conquer them.

Xoxo, Priscilla

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Decisions: Bar Cart

Last week, I bought a vintage bar cart from my neighbor's yard sale. I bought if for 5 buck-a-roos! I thought it was a steal. The only thing is that its part wood, and part metal, and needs TLC. My plan was to spray paint it, of course!

I was torn what color to spray paint, so I just had to google bar carts by colors to see what I liked best. It also makes it a bit difficult to pick a color since I am unsure what room it will go in. So many decisions!

I love how fancy, and modern the gold gives the cart. The plus is that it can really go into any room!

 Oh, this cart!!! I love pistachio color! So spring, and makes me want to lunch outside! (and I love the touch of gold!)

How cute is this yellow one! I think this color would so great in a kitchen/dining area!

So sleek. The black gives its a more modern feel for sure! And it's more masculine, and can see it in a study or office. 

And pink! Love that it's used for outdoors. So summery, and who doesn't love the flamingos next to the cart! 

Oh, this makes it even harder, but I may be leaning towards the gold or pistachio one! Gah! I will keep you updated and reveal my bar cart and it's new spray paint soon. Stay tuned!

footnote: all images were found via google images
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