Thursday, May 9, 2013

Clutching to a Book

Have I mentioned how much I love books? I'm pretty sure I have. I just love to read. I know they have the e-readers now, but nothing compares to the real thing. 

Kate Spade came out with these book clutches a while back, but I always love to look at them, and long over all of them. Kate Spade never disappoints. 

This The Great Gatsby clutch is bright and lovely, and actually on sale. I just love the pearls on the cover. 

Can this Emma clutch me anymore perfect. I cannot get over the quote on the back, and all the pretty arrows. And the font is perfect.

 This blue A Tale of Two Cities clutch is such a pretty color. The city map, and the small gold details. Swooning. 

Oh, this Romeo & Juliet clutch is stunning. Shakespeare is so great alone, but this fun design gets me. The spine is perfect, and the colors for the quote are spot on.

The Importance of Being Earnest clutch give me great cheer. Kate Spade's attention to detail is so unique.

I can't decide which one I would want. I find myself picking Emma, then I see The Tale of Two Cities, and I change my mind. And then the Romeo & Juliet one melts my heart and I get stuck all over again. Oh, boy...can someone just buy me all of them? Which one would you pick?


  1. Maybe you've seen this DIY?

    1. I have never seen this DIY! I absolutely love it! I am going to try it soon, seriously. Thank you!!!!

    2. No prob :) I've been meaning to do this with Barnes&Noble leather bound Jurrassic Park, havent made the time yet lol. Cant wait to see you try this.


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