Thursday, May 2, 2013

Decisions: Bar Cart

Last week, I bought a vintage bar cart from my neighbor's yard sale. I bought if for 5 buck-a-roos! I thought it was a steal. The only thing is that its part wood, and part metal, and needs TLC. My plan was to spray paint it, of course!

I was torn what color to spray paint, so I just had to google bar carts by colors to see what I liked best. It also makes it a bit difficult to pick a color since I am unsure what room it will go in. So many decisions!

I love how fancy, and modern the gold gives the cart. The plus is that it can really go into any room!

 Oh, this cart!!! I love pistachio color! So spring, and makes me want to lunch outside! (and I love the touch of gold!)

How cute is this yellow one! I think this color would so great in a kitchen/dining area!

So sleek. The black gives its a more modern feel for sure! And it's more masculine, and can see it in a study or office. 

And pink! Love that it's used for outdoors. So summery, and who doesn't love the flamingos next to the cart! 

Oh, this makes it even harder, but I may be leaning towards the gold or pistachio one! Gah! I will keep you updated and reveal my bar cart and it's new spray paint soon. Stay tuned!

footnote: all images were found via google images

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