Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dad Gift Guide

Well, as we know, Sunday is Father's Day. Father's Day is a harder for me to do shopping. My dad is pretty easy to please when it comes to gifts, but my mom is just way easier because I constantly go to stores and think, "my mom would so wear that..." But with that, my dad is much more simpler, and I always want to get him something that he will really like.

This gift guide is a little more personalized for my dad, but I honestly think most dads would like any of these things.
Tie- This grey striped tie is very dad-like, but modern since it's skinny. I absolutely think any dad would look like a stud in this.

Swiss Army Knife- Not! It's a bar swiss army knife for the bartender on the go. It comes with bartending tools, and a drink guide. My dad loves making specialty drinks, so this seems kind of perfect!

Watch- This Timex watch is so fun, and a great price at only $50. So cool, functional, and they come in various colors to choose from.

Chef Hat/Apron- What I love about this gift is that it is personalize. A personalized gift is always a good idea. For my dad, he loves cooking! So it seems only appropriate to get him a personalized hat/apron! So personalized based on his hobby!

Pens- These tool pens are soooooo fun and corky! I kind of want some for myself too!!

Whoever that dad figure is in your life- your dad, grandpa, brother, or a friend, it's always a great time to show them that you appreciate them. I am lucky to have a great dad who's always been my number one cheerleader, and has always been so proud of me. 

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