Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Go-To Products

First , I am not claiming to be a beauty expert...and probably won't ever be, but I just wanted to share some of my favorite beauty products thatI love and usually use on daily bases. 

1-Nars lip crayon in Dragon Girl is one of the products I use when going somewhere special. It's not an everyday product, but I do love it so much! It's so easy to put on, and the red/pink color is fab. $25.

2-ELF Blush is my fav! It's actually a blush/bronzer duo and its awesome. It looks just like the Nars one (minus $35). I love duo sets because I always mix blush/bronzer anyway and it's such a steal for the price! $3

3-EOS is such a funny looking balm, but it's one of my favorites. Especially in the mint. It's fresh, mosturizes just right, and is always a conversation starter! $3

4-Aveeno postively radiant is a must for me. I have dry skin, and using this before applying makeup on makes my face feel, well, postively radiant! Haha! And it has SPF 15. $12

5-Make Up Forever is a product I just started using and I really like it. I love that you can wet the foundation or put it on dry. You basically are control of the coverage! $36

6-This Physicians Formula eyeliner is so mighty fine! And by fine, I mean its tip is so fine, it gives you the option to do a great winged eye! It's also suppose to be a lash booster! Can't deny that! $11 

7- Naked 2 is so great as an eye shadow pallet. Why? Because it has a combination of neutral everyday colors to shimmery night time colors. I wasn't too sure when I first got it especially since I'm not the type to spend too much on eye shadows, but it was worth it! $50

8-Voluminous by L'Oreal is a mascara I go back to all the time. I love trying all the new crazy named mascaras, but always go back to this one. $7

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