Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Fiesta!

Summer is just around the corner, and outdoor fun always comes to mind! And what says summer like a colorful outdoor fiesta. So easy to do, and very inexpensive.

Decor- Lots of color! Tissue paper to make pom poms. Colorful paper for banners, and fun fans.
Also, I found this great idea for decor/center pieces. Salsa cans!! After you use, clean and plant cactus. What a fun idea!

Food- Making it an appetizer/finger food can cut cost. It can also make the fiesta more casual and fun. Making individual shrimp cocktails can be an option, or cutting mini corn on the cobs. So many options when it comes to Mexican appetizers! And don't forget chips & salsa too!

Drinks- Mexican Sodas are inexpensive and so colorful. You can also have adult drinks, and have pre-made mojitos/sangria in big drink dispensers with lots of fruit inside.

Now, we are all ready to make our own outdoor fiesta! Let me know how yours comes out!

All images are via pinterest

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