Saturday, June 22, 2013


Yay! Yesterday was the first day of Summer, and I loved it. First, my birthday is around the corner, and  more importantly, I get to wear my shorts! Haha!

I am so particular with shorts, mostly because I need the length to be just right. But I think I found some of my favorites this season that will be perfect for me!
1-The scalloped yellow ones are adorable. I have been wanting scalloped shorts for a while too.
2-I have been on the search for a good denim pair of shorts. These are the right length and the right color too! 
3-I have been into polka dot shorts lately. They really can make your outfit fun!
4-I love these tulip shorts. I have them, and they are not as short on as they seem. It also helps that I am only 5'2 though. The color is very summer time!  

What's one of your favorite things about summer? Enjoy every moment of it!

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