Thursday, June 20, 2013

Through the Wire

I had been on a hunt for inspiration on pinterest for spray painting metal wire bike basket. I have had my bike for years now, but I started riding recently again and started to really notice the bike details. Having a basket is soooo convenient, but the one I have is not necessarily the cutest. Since it is just a plain old metal basket, I thought..."oooh, let me spray paint it a nice color!"

The problem? Well, pinterest didn't have any spray painting basket ideas. Bummer. To be honest, I was thinking of just going with a cream color basket, until one day on the Target pinterest page I saw this! They weren't taking about spray painting it, but the basket looks just like mine, and this bright color is so amazing!

Now, all I need to do is pick the color. I'm between four. But which one? My bike is a vanilla color exactly like the one below, except I added a metal wire basket.! What color do you guys like? Yellow could give my bike an overall yellow look. The mint can make the pastels very girly & cute. The cream can keep the bike subtle. And the red can really make the bike pop and keep it fun. Not sure what I'll be doing. 
Today, I'll be picking up the spray paint, so wish me luck. I'll post about it next week!!

Xoxo- Priscilla

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