Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vanity Fair

I used to have a white vanity growing up, and I actually have it in my possession again. But this time I spray painted it gold since it's been white ever since I got it. Anyhow, this vanity has always been on a search for a seat to go with it. I used to have a cushioned one what it has pink fabric, and at some point it, it started ripping. It was okay anyway since pink doesn't really go with everything. Then I got a cheap little stool from Ikea as a replacement, but eventually it got old. Then I got rid of the vanity and thought, "oh well, I guess I don't have to worry about a seat again." But when I got the vanity back, and I was on a search again. 

I went to the Goodwill just because, and there she was. The chair was the perfect size, and it was only $5! I think what I love about the chair mostly is that cute, but it needed a little love!  

All I did was clean it well, spray painted it white, and let it dry. Voila, a new chair! I mostly love that the chair is wicker, and I can use it in other rooms if I wanted to. So cute!

Now, here's my little beauty corner! I love mismatched furniture, and I'm glad the vanity is gold because it makes the chair pop, and get it's own attention. 
I am happy I was able to transform this wicker chair. I am in love with it. Oh, and it swivels too! Score. 

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