Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Updates

I haven't done this in a few weeks. Mostly because our weekends in the month of May were pretty busy! So busy, I hardly remember them. I will give a quick recap of our weekends in the month of May, so bear with me. The pictures should remind me! 

Week 1
First week of May, we were actually in Phoenix. We drove there...and it was a little long drive, but not too bad. We have a house there we rent out, and the tenants were moving out, so we had to go out and check on it for the move-out inspection. Luckily, it was great, and we got new tenants the following week. Talk about blessed!
 Ralph checking on the house, and making sure everything is in order. 

While we were there, we stayed at my friend's house. Summer was so hospitable and showed us some cool spots in the PHX. 

The second day, we stayed at The Sauguaro in Scottsdale. It was pretty nice to relax and feel like we were on vacation. 

Week 2
This was Mother's Day Weekend, and I mentioned before we didn't celebrate that weekend since my parents were on vacation. Anyhow, my sibling and I decided we should take picture with all of us, and my nephews. We wanted to make a photo book for my mom, and have fun pictures. None of these pictures are professional, all done with my iphone. Obviously, we planned last minute!
From left to right: My little brother-Peter, my older sister -Joselyn, the oldest sister-Carolina, and me!

 My siblings, and my nephews. They all belong to my sisters, but here the kids are mismatched to their parent!
The whole bunch. And yes, this was self timed! haha! 

And my cute nephews! They are a fun group. Although having a picture where they all looked at the camera was more challenging than we thought. 

Overall, the weekend was a success! Mostly because the photo book made my mom cry with joy!

Week 3
We did a whole bunch of things this weekend. All kind of random! I actually couldn't remember until I looked at my pictures.
I went to the Dear Creatures Sample sale with my BFF. We were so excited. We didn't go too crazy, but we did get some fun items. 

Then the Chang man and I went to Ventura and had some yummy oysters! We love taking random trips to have good food!

And last but not least, we finally had our Mother's Day lunch. We all had a fun time. I am just so thankful for my momma. She has taught me so much, and I can't go on because I'll start to cry on my keyboard!

Week 4
This was a family packed weekend. One day was with the husband's family, and the other day was with mine. 
My sister-in-law(Ralph's sister) is having a baby girl early July, so we had a fun little shower her. Very girly and pink, and I loved it! We spent that afternoon having tea, and sweets! 

Then, we somehow ended up at Water Grill that night for oysters. We sure this love oysters! I love our random little dates. My favorite thing!

And Sunday, my parents had a lunch at their place. My dad had family visiting, and hadn't seen them in a while, and somehow the lunch turned into a small family reunion. We had a fun time, and lots of laughs. (also taken with a self timer on my iphone...not bad, right?)

And it's always good times when all four of us get together. We sure love our cousin, Nancy. Definitely like a sister to us! That day was ended with a evening walk with some family over by house. 

So much info, but that was my past month! In summary, the May was filled with family, food, and fun! 

Xoxo, Priscilla

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