Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thrifing for Decor

One of my favorite things is finding unique and cute decor at a thrift store. I usually go a couple times a month to see if I find a gem. Sometimes I find nothing, but I don't give up.

Here are some of my favorite things to look for!

One of my favorite things to look for our frames. I have mismatched frames going up my staircase. They are in shades of white. Some of them were naturally white, but others were not. So what I did was spray painted them white. It was a cheaper solution than going to the store and looking for all white frames.
Another thing I did, was got frames that kind of matched all togther. You won't find it all at once but it works! I was looking for oval frames with black, cream, and gold tones...and I found some!

Some old lamps have such a great base, and all it needs is a new shade. Old lamps have great details, and a pop of color can make them trendy again with just a little paint. Just make sure it works. Some thrift stores will let you test them out!

Wooden Furniture
I think great wooden pieces can really be awesome if you stain or paint them a fun color. I always see great pieces that just need a little TLC. (and a little cleaning too!)

Vases/glassware is something that can be pricey, but so many thrift stores will sell it as cheap as $1! These can be used as is, or be painted with designs or painted solid. You can use them to simply put flowers or decorate your mantle.

Hope your next thrifting experience is a good one!! It takes time so don't give up!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Bench Pressin'

The front of my house has had a bit of a makeover as I have shared on the blog. You can see the changes here. Nothing too drastic, just things that make it more personalized and fun.  But there are a few things I still have been wanting to do. And one of the main ones is buying a bench for my porch. I have always wanted one, and I have an empty space waiting for it.
You see what I mean??? Perfect place for a bench! Now, which one and what style?????
So many options!
I kind of like how simple this one is. This one is from Lowes, and I think it could possibly work!

This one has been something I have been looking at for a couple years now from Urban Home. I am so in love with the color. Not sure if it matches so much, but I can dream. 
I love the $69 price on this Ikea bench. I can see possibly spray painting this one! 

 This Pier1 bench is so modern. I love the patterns on the backrest! And I can see it being great with patio pillows.

I love this porch bench swing from You can actually have many colors which is amazing. The only downside is making sure we have proper support for it.

Whatever style I go for, all I know is I will be in my porch all day long! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ombré Roses

I don't know about you, but when your birthday falls on a weekday, it seems like you get celebrated the weekend before, and after. For me, it was whole week of celebratory fun!

This past Sunday, I finally got to celebrate with my family. And guess what? I made my own cake. I never have done so, but there was a cake I wanted to try to make, a rosette cake. I have been seeing them on pinterest everywhere, and I will be making one for a kid's birthday in a few weeks, so I kind of wanted to practice and that's why volunteered to make my own cake.

 It came out a lot better than I anticipated! Also, forgive me for not putting step-by-step instructions. I would have, but I really wasn't too sure how the cake wold come out! So, I'm sorry!

And here is the top. I did the ombre look on the cake, and I chose my favorite color! 

By the way, the top picture was done with the Rhonna Design App. It is amazing! My friend told me about it, and I'm hooked! 

Anyway, I will have a tutorial on this cake next month, I promise! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Think Pink

So, I don't know if anyone noticed, but my blog went girly! I actually have been meaning to change it for some time, and simplify it a bit. I wanted a more clean, and less youthful looking page. And of course, I went with a light feminine pastels-can't stay away from youthful designs. (oh well)

What's so weird was that when I was growing up, I was that girl who didn't like pinks so much. And as I have gotten older, I have become more girly. With that being said, pink has been on my mind.  So much that I even got a Kate Spade satchel with a pop of pink. And not just any kind of pink, but hot pink. 

Well, speaking of hot pink, one of my good friends has hot pink flamingos in her backyard, and it reminded me how much I like that color, and how infrequently I wear it.. But I feel this type of pink can really only be pulled off on the warmer months since it's so bright. (although, you probably would see me wear any of these things any time of the year because they are so darn cute!)
1.Dress- I love the two toned colors in this dress.

2.Bib Necklace- I am so into bold necklaces lately. This one doesn't disappoint!

3.Watch-Oh, this watch! The surprise pop of pink is my favorite.

4.Skinny Jeans- What's more flamingo inspired than skinny jeans!!

5.Iphone Case- This case is so fun, and a great start if you're not too sure on the color!


Friday, July 19, 2013

My Top Five- Blogs

I got into reading blogs probably 2 years ago. I know blogs have existed before then, but I was probably way into my own thing that I had no idea what I was missing out on!  Now, I am catching up on all this lost time.

Anyhow, I wanted to share the top five blogs I visit often. (And by often, I mean daily.) I am into a lot of things, so my top blogs are not at all similar, but sum me up pretty well! 

I'm sure you'll have heard of it, and if you haven't, you're so missing out. They were actually the reason I got into blogs. They started it all for me.  I guess I never thought about looking into house blogs because I never had a place of my own until I got married. And when I started decorating or doing house DIY projects, I somehow stubbled onto them, and loved their style and easy to understand DIYs. They a married couple with a young daughter, and are on their third house remodel. They do most of their projects themselves, gotta love that!

These girls aren't technically bloggers, however their blog is pretty fun. They actually have a web show called The Girls With Glasses Show and they are entertaining! They talk about lifestyle, personal life, and are just so spunky. I discovered them through a pinterest link, and decided to see what they were about. Saw one web episode, and I was hooked. Now, I know them personally and they fall nothing short from how they are on film. They are just the sweetest, most genuine, and funnest girls around!

How could I not mention a baking blog?! This is one of my favorites. I think mostly because the fabulous baker does what I can never do, and envy her so! She makes and decorates the most amazing sugar cookies. The reason why I find this blog so fasinating is because she is so creative with cookies. The ingredients she uses for different textures is genius, and her themes are so fun! (Oh, and sometimes she does other stuff besides cookies which is awesome too!) 

Vintage at it's finest! This blog is about two best friends who share the love for vintage, and portray it in their own life styles. They have the cutest 60's inspired homes with atomic era pieces. They have fun, bright, retro mod outfits, and are just the cutest. They always make me feel I want to be in another era, but use all their vintage pieces in a modern fun way! Oh, and they have a vintage shop, and a mobile shop too!

This blog is a my a-little-bit-of-everything blog. Nicole is just a stylish lady overall! She has such a fun home, and great sense of clean, modern style. Her house is filled with lots of character. And her sense of personal fashion is also translated through her blog too. Oh, and she has two adorable kids that, guess what, have a great sense of style too! She talks about all kinds of things and always keeps me intrigued. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


My birthday was yesterday, and I turned 26. It feels weird each year I get older because I still feel 16. (maybe I sometimes look it too!)

The time has gone by quickly, and I know it will just keep going by even more quickly. And with that being said, I want this year to mean something. I want to live without fear, and to just enjoy myself in the moment without worry. I have been scaring myself recently with thoughts, and sometimes feel things are just too good to be true, that I sometimes feel guilt over it. But I have come to realize that everyone has their good or bad times, and when I have those good times, I should just enjoy them.

I also feel like I want to do more as well. I want to do things that can make differences, even if it's small. This week at church, they started a small series called "Do Something."And it felt like they were saying out loud what I had been thinking about lately. Amazing how God works. That's my new motto this year: Do Something!

Anyhow, my birthday was lovely. My husband took me to one of our favorite restaurant we first went to when we had just started dating. It's called The Little Door, and it's wonderful. If you haven't checked it out, and you live in Los Angeles, you should go!

 And here is my delicious scallops entree!

He also took me to Disneyland too! We got our annual passes again and I'm sure we will be going a whole lot! This guy ^^^^ knows how to make me feel special!
I'm thankful for my twenty-six years of life! Enjoying every moment!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Cute As A Button

A couple weeks ago, I made a cupcakes for a baby shower.  "Cute as a button" was the theme, which has been a popular one these days. (can't blame people, so cute!) Well either way, I decided to show you how to make fondant buttons to add to the top of some cupcakes. It's so very easy!

I really recommend this to anyone that has been wanting to do something with fondant, but doesn't want to jump into cakes. This helps you get the feel of the fondant texture, and even color blending.

First, make your favorite cupcakes, and frosting(homemade or boxed) or you can even get store bought. Whatever you have time for! No judgment here!

Then the buttons! I actually have a button mold, which I cannot find, so I made them by hand. Strangely, it seemed a lot quicker than using a mold.

You can choose whatever fondant color you'd like, and a cut out nickel sized circles (circle cutters sold at Michael's). Then get a circle cutter a size slightly smaller and press gently on your circle to make imprint. Then with a toothpick, make the four button holes. (you can also do two button holes, depending on what kind of buttons you're trying to make)

I was in a bit of a time crunch when I made these so they aren't perfect, but I think that's the fun in it being homemade. I made them in peach, brown, and pale green. 

I then did one of each color on top of the cupcakes. And also decided to add pale green pearled candy for some pizzazz!

And here are the cupcakes at the shower! I was so happy with the turn out. 
Definitely as cute as a button!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dotting the home

Everytime I go shopping, I always tend to think I don't really have much polka dots shirts/dresses. So what do I do? I buy polka dot clothing because they are so darn cute. But guess what???
I counted my how many polka clothing, and I have so much! Oops...

Well, because I can't enough of polka dots, it's kind of surprising I haven't bought too much dots for the house. So I have been on the search, and there is so much! Here are some of my favorite polka dot items you can incorporate into your home!

I think I may go dot overload! First thing on my list, that fun rug!

Monday, July 8, 2013

USA & Sheldon Cooper

Hope You all had a great 4th of July! I sure did. I spent it very low key with family. I just love being part of such a great country, and Independence Day is such a great reminder.

 As you can see, our house is very Patriotic! 

Our Fruit Kabobs. Grapes, Strawberries, and Bananas!

My silly nephew!

My husband, and other nephew!

My family hanging out before the fireworks show!
Overall, my 4th of July was pretty good!

Then my weekend got even better.....
I got myself a very fun Mini Cooper!
Before we were going to drive off with our car. So fun!

The gum the dealership gave us before we even got the car. I thought it was pretty cool!

Before my first drive!

Meet my Mini-Sheldon Cooper!
We've been into The Big Bang Theory and it just seemed so fitting! I'm loving the car so much, I even cleared the garage just for it. Something I have been putting off since we moved into our house. And since I cleared the garage, I actually want to work on it, and transform it. Hopefully pictures to come soon-ish!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pretty Pistachio

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I wanted to spray paint my wire basket for my bike. After looking at it throughly, it needed some love. I took a picture of it, and it looked like it was invisible!
Right? You can barely see it! Well, that needed to change. The basket was boring, and needed some a makeover. 

I decided on a color and went with a mint! Yay! The color is actually called pistachio, which I love, and it was perfect! I took the basket off the bike, cleaned it off, and then spray painted with 3 coats.

And since my bike has been transported a ton in the past 6 years I've owned it, it had lots of scuffs. And some I could tell were deep, but others seemed like some the good ol' Magic Eraser could handle. And it did! I cleaned it and made it look like new while the spray paint dried outside.

And here she is! And of course, I added some fun flowers to add some girly touches to the bike!

I am in love with the pistachio mint color. I am not sure why I didn't do sooner!!!

The before & after. I feel like I have a brand new bike! 

Xoxo- Priscilla

Monday, July 1, 2013

Watermelon Wishing

Oh, how I wish I were one of those people that just love having a nice cold slice of watermelon on a hot summer day... but I am not. Watermelon alone taste like...well, too much like water(duh!) and I don't care too much for the fruit. But how I wish I did because it's so pretty to look at. So green on the outside, and then a nice pinkish/red color in the inside and pretty black seeds.

Well,  even though I don't care for how watermelon taste alone, it actually doesn't stop me from loving this lovely fruit in different ways!

This swim suit is soooooo amazing! Wish it were still available.
Via Pinterest

 Although I am not big on watermelon alone, I sure love a watermelon salad!!

This clutch is so cute, and fun. Perfect for summer!

Rice Krispies treats gone melon!
Via Pinterest 

 I am not one to do my nails too often, but if I had to do something unique, it would be these nails for sure! 

Oh my goodness, now this looks refreshing! This Watermelon Lemonade looks delightful and the presentation is so fantastic! 

So there are many ways to enjoy watermelon even though you may not be a huge fan like me. Hope you're all enjoying your very hot summer so far! 

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