Monday, July 29, 2013

Bench Pressin'

The front of my house has had a bit of a makeover as I have shared on the blog. You can see the changes here. Nothing too drastic, just things that make it more personalized and fun.  But there are a few things I still have been wanting to do. And one of the main ones is buying a bench for my porch. I have always wanted one, and I have an empty space waiting for it.
You see what I mean??? Perfect place for a bench! Now, which one and what style?????
So many options!
I kind of like how simple this one is. This one is from Lowes, and I think it could possibly work!

This one has been something I have been looking at for a couple years now from Urban Home. I am so in love with the color. Not sure if it matches so much, but I can dream. 
I love the $69 price on this Ikea bench. I can see possibly spray painting this one! 

 This Pier1 bench is so modern. I love the patterns on the backrest! And I can see it being great with patio pillows.

I love this porch bench swing from You can actually have many colors which is amazing. The only downside is making sure we have proper support for it.

Whatever style I go for, all I know is I will be in my porch all day long! 

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