Friday, July 12, 2013

Cute As A Button

A couple weeks ago, I made a cupcakes for a baby shower.  "Cute as a button" was the theme, which has been a popular one these days. (can't blame people, so cute!) Well either way, I decided to show you how to make fondant buttons to add to the top of some cupcakes. It's so very easy!

I really recommend this to anyone that has been wanting to do something with fondant, but doesn't want to jump into cakes. This helps you get the feel of the fondant texture, and even color blending.

First, make your favorite cupcakes, and frosting(homemade or boxed) or you can even get store bought. Whatever you have time for! No judgment here!

Then the buttons! I actually have a button mold, which I cannot find, so I made them by hand. Strangely, it seemed a lot quicker than using a mold.

You can choose whatever fondant color you'd like, and a cut out nickel sized circles (circle cutters sold at Michael's). Then get a circle cutter a size slightly smaller and press gently on your circle to make imprint. Then with a toothpick, make the four button holes. (you can also do two button holes, depending on what kind of buttons you're trying to make)

I was in a bit of a time crunch when I made these so they aren't perfect, but I think that's the fun in it being homemade. I made them in peach, brown, and pale green. 

I then did one of each color on top of the cupcakes. And also decided to add pale green pearled candy for some pizzazz!

And here are the cupcakes at the shower! I was so happy with the turn out. 
Definitely as cute as a button!


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