Friday, July 19, 2013

My Top Five- Blogs

I got into reading blogs probably 2 years ago. I know blogs have existed before then, but I was probably way into my own thing that I had no idea what I was missing out on!  Now, I am catching up on all this lost time.

Anyhow, I wanted to share the top five blogs I visit often. (And by often, I mean daily.) I am into a lot of things, so my top blogs are not at all similar, but sum me up pretty well! 

I'm sure you'll have heard of it, and if you haven't, you're so missing out. They were actually the reason I got into blogs. They started it all for me.  I guess I never thought about looking into house blogs because I never had a place of my own until I got married. And when I started decorating or doing house DIY projects, I somehow stubbled onto them, and loved their style and easy to understand DIYs. They a married couple with a young daughter, and are on their third house remodel. They do most of their projects themselves, gotta love that!

These girls aren't technically bloggers, however their blog is pretty fun. They actually have a web show called The Girls With Glasses Show and they are entertaining! They talk about lifestyle, personal life, and are just so spunky. I discovered them through a pinterest link, and decided to see what they were about. Saw one web episode, and I was hooked. Now, I know them personally and they fall nothing short from how they are on film. They are just the sweetest, most genuine, and funnest girls around!

How could I not mention a baking blog?! This is one of my favorites. I think mostly because the fabulous baker does what I can never do, and envy her so! She makes and decorates the most amazing sugar cookies. The reason why I find this blog so fasinating is because she is so creative with cookies. The ingredients she uses for different textures is genius, and her themes are so fun! (Oh, and sometimes she does other stuff besides cookies which is awesome too!) 

Vintage at it's finest! This blog is about two best friends who share the love for vintage, and portray it in their own life styles. They have the cutest 60's inspired homes with atomic era pieces. They have fun, bright, retro mod outfits, and are just the cutest. They always make me feel I want to be in another era, but use all their vintage pieces in a modern fun way! Oh, and they have a vintage shop, and a mobile shop too!

This blog is a my a-little-bit-of-everything blog. Nicole is just a stylish lady overall! She has such a fun home, and great sense of clean, modern style. Her house is filled with lots of character. And her sense of personal fashion is also translated through her blog too. Oh, and she has two adorable kids that, guess what, have a great sense of style too! She talks about all kinds of things and always keeps me intrigued. 

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