Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ombré Roses

I don't know about you, but when your birthday falls on a weekday, it seems like you get celebrated the weekend before, and after. For me, it was whole week of celebratory fun!

This past Sunday, I finally got to celebrate with my family. And guess what? I made my own cake. I never have done so, but there was a cake I wanted to try to make, a rosette cake. I have been seeing them on pinterest everywhere, and I will be making one for a kid's birthday in a few weeks, so I kind of wanted to practice and that's why volunteered to make my own cake.

 It came out a lot better than I anticipated! Also, forgive me for not putting step-by-step instructions. I would have, but I really wasn't too sure how the cake wold come out! So, I'm sorry!

And here is the top. I did the ombre look on the cake, and I chose my favorite color! 

By the way, the top picture was done with the Rhonna Design App. It is amazing! My friend told me about it, and I'm hooked! 

Anyway, I will have a tutorial on this cake next month, I promise! 


  1. what size tip is this and what kind? I have some laying around but aren't too familiar...also what food coloring brand do you prefer?

    1. I don't know what size it is exactly, I think it may be a 1/2" diameter closed star tip. Not too sure though! And the brands I prefer for food gels are Americolor & CHEFMASTER Lidqua-gel. Michael's has the Wilton brand ones that pretty good too, but the Americolor & CHEFMASTER come in squeeze bottles that easier to control color. And a drop goes a long way!


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