Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pretty Pistachio

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I wanted to spray paint my wire basket for my bike. After looking at it throughly, it needed some love. I took a picture of it, and it looked like it was invisible!
Right? You can barely see it! Well, that needed to change. The basket was boring, and needed some a makeover. 

I decided on a color and went with a mint! Yay! The color is actually called pistachio, which I love, and it was perfect! I took the basket off the bike, cleaned it off, and then spray painted with 3 coats.

And since my bike has been transported a ton in the past 6 years I've owned it, it had lots of scuffs. And some I could tell were deep, but others seemed like some the good ol' Magic Eraser could handle. And it did! I cleaned it and made it look like new while the spray paint dried outside.

And here she is! And of course, I added some fun flowers to add some girly touches to the bike!

I am in love with the pistachio mint color. I am not sure why I didn't do sooner!!!

The before & after. I feel like I have a brand new bike! 

Xoxo- Priscilla


  1. Hello, can you tell me what brand is your bike please?

    1. Hi Carolina!
      The brand is called firmstrong : urban (I think) I put a link I found of the exact bike, except the price was about $100 less than that. Hope that helps.



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