Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Think Pink

So, I don't know if anyone noticed, but my blog went girly! I actually have been meaning to change it for some time, and simplify it a bit. I wanted a more clean, and less youthful looking page. And of course, I went with a light feminine pastels-can't stay away from youthful designs. (oh well)

What's so weird was that when I was growing up, I was that girl who didn't like pinks so much. And as I have gotten older, I have become more girly. With that being said, pink has been on my mind.  So much that I even got a Kate Spade satchel with a pop of pink. And not just any kind of pink, but hot pink. 

Well, speaking of hot pink, one of my good friends has hot pink flamingos in her backyard, and it reminded me how much I like that color, and how infrequently I wear it.. But I feel this type of pink can really only be pulled off on the warmer months since it's so bright. (although, you probably would see me wear any of these things any time of the year because they are so darn cute!)
1.Dress- I love the two toned colors in this dress.

2.Bib Necklace- I am so into bold necklaces lately. This one doesn't disappoint!

3.Watch-Oh, this watch! The surprise pop of pink is my favorite.

4.Skinny Jeans- What's more flamingo inspired than skinny jeans!!

5.Iphone Case- This case is so fun, and a great start if you're not too sure on the color!



  1. Yay, my first post since lurking around here for awhile now... I totally love the change although I find it a bit small and harder to read, but overall layout I love how clean and girly this is!!

    speaking or girly... like you... I hated pink or anything feminine in that matter...when I was younger, but when I was planning my wedding... pink suddenly grows on me and now... I can't have enough of pink... and coral... and gold lol... all feminine colors

    I think we get more in touch with our femininity as we age? whatever it is... I don't see myself dislike pink anytime soon :)


    1. Thanks! I agree, the font is a bit small, maybe I'll go slightly bolder. :)

      And as far as getting in touch with our femininity as we age is something I am totally seeing in my own life too! I am embracing the girly! ;)



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