Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thrifing for Decor

One of my favorite things is finding unique and cute decor at a thrift store. I usually go a couple times a month to see if I find a gem. Sometimes I find nothing, but I don't give up.

Here are some of my favorite things to look for!

One of my favorite things to look for our frames. I have mismatched frames going up my staircase. They are in shades of white. Some of them were naturally white, but others were not. So what I did was spray painted them white. It was a cheaper solution than going to the store and looking for all white frames.
Another thing I did, was got frames that kind of matched all togther. You won't find it all at once but it works! I was looking for oval frames with black, cream, and gold tones...and I found some!

Some old lamps have such a great base, and all it needs is a new shade. Old lamps have great details, and a pop of color can make them trendy again with just a little paint. Just make sure it works. Some thrift stores will let you test them out!

Wooden Furniture
I think great wooden pieces can really be awesome if you stain or paint them a fun color. I always see great pieces that just need a little TLC. (and a little cleaning too!)

Vases/glassware is something that can be pricey, but so many thrift stores will sell it as cheap as $1! These can be used as is, or be painted with designs or painted solid. You can use them to simply put flowers or decorate your mantle.

Hope your next thrifting experience is a good one!! It takes time so don't give up!


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