Tuesday, July 16, 2013


My birthday was yesterday, and I turned 26. It feels weird each year I get older because I still feel 16. (maybe I sometimes look it too!)

The time has gone by quickly, and I know it will just keep going by even more quickly. And with that being said, I want this year to mean something. I want to live without fear, and to just enjoy myself in the moment without worry. I have been scaring myself recently with thoughts, and sometimes feel things are just too good to be true, that I sometimes feel guilt over it. But I have come to realize that everyone has their good or bad times, and when I have those good times, I should just enjoy them.

I also feel like I want to do more as well. I want to do things that can make differences, even if it's small. This week at church, they started a small series called "Do Something."And it felt like they were saying out loud what I had been thinking about lately. Amazing how God works. That's my new motto this year: Do Something!

Anyhow, my birthday was lovely. My husband took me to one of our favorite restaurant we first went to when we had just started dating. It's called The Little Door, and it's wonderful. If you haven't checked it out, and you live in Los Angeles, you should go!

 And here is my delicious scallops entree!

He also took me to Disneyland too! We got our annual passes again and I'm sure we will be going a whole lot! This guy ^^^^ knows how to make me feel special!
I'm thankful for my twenty-six years of life! Enjoying every moment!


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