Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Flower Power

Hi guys!

Last weekend I made some cupcakes for a friend of mine. Her daughter was turning a year old, and the theme was an outdoor garden party. She gave me a few ideas what she wanted for her cupcakes, but a lot of freedom to do whatever I'd like. My favorite! 

Anyhow, I decided to make a whimsical flower, and do them in different pastel colors. It was actually very pretty, and easy to make. In fact, it's one of my favorite cupcakes thus far. So I wanted to give you guys a little quick tutorial so you guys can do them too!

1. First you need your fondant. You can buy them in color, or just make your own. I made pink and green for the flower and the leaf. 

2. Then get a small roller and flatten your fondant. You need three different shape circles cut outs(they usually sell a three pack of different size circles at Michaels). Then cut out the circles.

3. Then with a round end fondant tool, make indentations in the end to make messy waves

4. If you don't have this tool, you can you use your fingers to manipulate the shape. Do this to all three circles. 

5. With a brush, add a little water to the center of the first large circle and stack the middle sized circle over it. Then repeat to add smaller circle. 

6. Then let the flower dry for about 5 minutes so it can hold. The water acts as an adhesive, so don't worry about it falling apart. You then can wet the center of the flower, and add pearlized sprinkles to the center to add a little sparkle! 

7. You will then make a leaf for the flower. I have a leaf stencil, but you can also create your own cut out with the fondant. Just roll the green fondant flat and cut your left. With the fondant knife you create leaf veins. (you don't have to though) (Also on this picture, pretend that the pearls on the flower! oops.) 

8. Then you will wet the end of the leaf with your brush, and attach it to the flower from behind. You will need to let the flower dry for about an hour so i can hold it's shape. 

9. Finally, you can add it to your cupcake. You can use whatever cupcakes you'd like; store bought, homemade, or boxed mix. No judgment here! This is just for you to practice your fondant skills!

 Here are all my flowers drying up.I love how fun they look!

And here they are on the cupcakes I made. I just made chocolate & yellow cupcakes, with a vanilla buttercream. I think the simple buttercream made the flowers pop!

Now it's your turn to try making them! Hope you do! It's not as intimidating as it looks. I promise!

Xoxo- Priscilla 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Best Friends

When you say you have a best friend, it may sometimes sounds a little juvenile, but I think best friends do exist. Some have a few, other just have that one. I, myself, have just one. (this excludes my husband and any siblings I consider bffs too)

Connecting so much with a person that at one point was a stranger is a bit weird and awesome at the same time. It's so hard to find a person that you can relate to in a personal level and just accepts you the way you are. It seems kind of silly giving advice on friendship, but I have actually been reading a lot of friendship posts and the importance of it. Neither of them really talked about best friends, and I am a best friend kind of gal so decided to write about what I have learned.

via tumblr

How to be a good best friend:

Be yourself- First off, this should be a first. Nothing truer can come from just being yourself. Being genuine will only make you connect to the other person more.

Honesty- This is a huge one for me. Be open about whats going on in your life. And be prepared that sometimes your best friend isn't ready to talk about some things. And when she is ready, she'll tell you!

Other Friends- Realize that your bff may have other friends. And what may help is make sure you have a circle of friends so jealousy doesn't come creeping up on ya! And vice versa. If you feel your bff is getting a little jealous, a little reminder how much they mean to you can do no harm. But remember, the friends aren't your bff substitutes. Then, you have a whole group of people that you have told too many personal stories/secrets to and can't keep track.

Fights- Disagreements may emerge. And it's okay. Sometimes giving each other some space is okay to think it through or let emotions calm down. After all, we all go through times every month where we tend to not be in our best behavior! :)And make sure to talk things out, and make it better. Ignoring situations usually doesn't help. It usually always comes out later and then it becomes bigger and more painful. 

Time- Make time for one another. Sometimes husbands, children, or family seems to be more priority, obviously, but if you have any free time, even if it's just running errands with one another...just do it together if you can. And remember hanging out with your best friend doesn't just have to be you two, it's always okay to add others to the mix too!

Growing- It's okay if your chemistry changes at some point in your life. Sometime people grow apart. It happens. I'm sure we've all had a best friend and it didn't work out. I have, and instead of being sad, I am grateful I had someone at that point of my life that understood me. People change, and if you're lucky, you find someone else that will match and grow at the pace.

I'm sure there are way more tips, but here are just some general ones I have learned over the years. If you have any tips too, please share!!! And thank you to my best friend for being so real, and fun! You are one of heck of a gal and I am grateful for your friendship.

Xoxo- Priscilla  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Primary Fashion

My primary color wish list!  
These solid red flats from Old Navy are just what I need to make a simple outfit pop.

I am so in love with this red dress

This yellow satchel would make any outfit fun!

Oh, this yellow coat! Enough said.

Perfect cropped blue pants

Obsessed with this blue skirt! I love how feminine it is.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Large Golden Scale

Finally! I really have been wanting to make a fish scale art piece like I mentioned here. I originally wanted it to be a lot larger, but decided to make it a little smaller since I wasn't sure how it would look in our room. But nonetheless, I finished it up last week!

First, you need a large piece of plywood board. We have of extra pieces in our garage, so I used one of those.
Then you need poster board paper, a cup, and a pen.  

 I traced a whole lot of circles, and cut them by hand. If you have a circle cutter, this process is a whole lot easier. I didn't really think of it until half way through. Oh well. 

After all my circles were cut, I hot glued the top circles side by side to one another from bottom to top on the plywood. There was no real technique to it. I kind of just improvised. Once that was all done, I chose a gold spray paint (of course) and waited for it to dry. 

And there ya go! It really is such an easy project. It cost me under $10!

Plywood-$0(already in garage)
Poster paper-$2 (99 cent store sells a sheet for 50 cents)
Hot glue-$0 already had
Gold spray paint-$4 (used a 40% off coupon from Michael's)

Very cheap project that can change the look of your room!
Hope you try it! Let me know if you tried something differently!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Update- Way Overdue

I usually give my weekend updates somewhat frequently, but I feel like I kind of missed on a month. Oops!

Well, we haven't really done anything too drastic. Keeping it mellow, and just enjoying the rest of the summer! 

Usually once during the weekend we go have lunch/dinner together. It's a mini date for us! Sometimes it's an ice cream date & a book store that just makes it so special.

I also made a cake last weekend. I love doing bright and fun cakes! (and I just love the children books idea!) Also, making cakes keeps my creative juices working when I do them often.

Oh, and my hubby's family got together last week since a couple cousins came to visit from Miami. Very fun since we don't get to do it as often as we would like. 

Overall, the past month has been pretty relaxed with no major plans. I love that sometimes. 
Hope you guys are all enjoying the end of your summer! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let's Travel

I love taking trips. It's so fun to go to an unknown place and explore. As a kid, I went on a bunch of road trips with my family. My dad took all over the U.S. I'm so thankful for that. I've been to so many states that sometimes I forget it was all my dads doing. Now, as an adult I want to take as many adventures as I can with my husband. I especially want to take big ones with him before kids come along, and we make excuses not to.

So with that...I am so very excited to announce that we finally booked our trip to Europe! Yay! We have been planning to do this all year long, but we kind of kept pushing it back since we both got busy with work and life. So, we will be in in Europe in the fall! We decided to do it now before it's too late and wished we would have done it sooner. We will be flying into London to visit my cousin and his family. We still gotta figure out our in-between, but our trip will be ending in Paris. Yes, Paris! I'm so giddy! I must re-learn my french! I'm using the Duolingo app, and it's amazing. Totally recommend it! 

Now, I must do some shopping on some coats. I know it's still summer, but I'm already looking! I'm such a fall girl, that this just so exciting for me! 


Monday, August 12, 2013

Scaling the Space

Our bedroom is the one of the spaces that has been a little bit neglected in our house. It's not so awful, it's more that there is a lot of space and I haven't quite figured out how to use it all. The previous owners of the house expanded our master bedroom. They tore down a wall to the sharing wall of another room, and made it into a very large space. It's not a bad idea, but I would rather have another spare room for future kiddos. But for now, it works for this small family of 2.

Anyhow, where I was trying to get was that our room is lacking a bit of pizzaz. So, as we speak, I am working on a semi-big art piece for the room. I got the idea from pinterest (duh!) and it's amazing!

Well, I searched for a scalloped wall art piece, but it's technically a fish scale art piece. Mine, won't be as big as the one below, but it will be large. I also made the piece vertical since I kind of wanted it to look longer.

How fun is this one from karapaslaydesigns.com. Love!

This is kind of how I will be doing mine. I am putting my piece over a dresser we have, I love how twothirtyfivedesigns.blogspot.com decorated, and let the piece shine! 

The gold is just so fabulous. I am debating on what color to spray paint. ....decisions! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Chic

I was at JC Penny the other day, and right there before my eyes were the best home decor colors ever!!
I was in love! And to my surprise, it was  Jonathan Adeler's JC Penny line called Happy Chic. (so fitting) It's beyond amazing! The color combination, and styling is exactly what I love! I should have know it was his design! 
I'm just obsessed with the whole thing. Seeing it in person is so worth it. If you haven't heard about it, go to your closest JCP...like now!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Girls With Glasses

I was so fortunate to work on a mini-series with some lovely ladies, also known as The Girls With Glasses. These fun quirky gals, Summer Bellessa & Brooke White, have been doing a web show for 3 years now!

Their new series is called "Kid Proof Style" and it's just so fun to watch. Two new videos will be coming out ever week for the whole month of August! You should check 'em out!

Link here to watch: "fun with family feng shui"

Hope you guys enjoy! 

*ps. for more Girls with Glasses videos, you can check them out on their youtube channel here! (They are extremely addicting, so just warning you that you may end up watching all of them!) 

Monday, August 5, 2013

So far

Marriage. It's a funny and complicated thing, but so wonderful too.

We will be approaching our 2 year wedding anniversary next month. I can't believe it! So many things I have learned, and so many things yet to learn. And what have I learned these past 2 years??
Marriage is a commitment,  something people should take seriously. As much fun as it is, it's also a lot of selflessness, work, and love (even when you feel like the other doesn't deserve it.)

The best example of a great marriage has been my parents. My parents are approaching 33 of marriage next month, and they are just so fun to be around. 33 years is impressive, but what's more impressive are all the hardships they went through & overcame, and the love they still have for one another. Some couples are married for they same amount of time, but feel like they are living with a stranger and no longer in love. I've also seen that, and its quite sad. Seeing that breaks my heart just because I know the excitement one feels when you find the right one, and I know at some point they felt that way for one another, and then I think, "what happened?" And that's what I don't want. The in between "what happened" stage. How do you prevent that?

Well, I don't know, being that I've been married for 2 years, but what I do know is that my marriage is not just a commitment to Ralph, but to God as well. We respect, love, support, and communicate with each other. We are honest, faithful, and just love even in the bad of times. And what always helps me, is praying for husband when I am upset with him. Why? Because I tend to get over it while I pray. It's kind of hard to be mad at someone you're praying for.

I am not expert on marriage, nor claiming to be, but just sharing what I have learned thus far. I know I will have to re-read this in the bad times to remind myself, because let's face it, marriage come with problems, swallowing your pride, and unexpected twist & turns. But not giving up on each other, I think, is key.

A little advice from a long time married couple- "Don't give up."

Seems so fitting. Found the image here.

I am loving marriage so far. Obviously, we both will change, have changed, but that's what makes it exciting. I know that I will forever be learning more about him because marriage is an ongoing experience. I am grateful for that. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Empty Space No More

For a long time, until recently, we had our family room/den area empty. Mostly, because I didn't know what to do with the space. You see, we already have a living room and we are just a family of 2. So having another living space didn't feel so necessary, but filling it up was.

Sorry for the blurriness, this is the listing picture! ^^^

I started by painting the room a light grey to brighten up the room. Then, coming up with an idea that wouldn't be so expensive. 

We have sooooo many books since my husband and I love to read, and we were planing to put the books in our office. I then thought, "why don't we make that room kind of like a library!?!"Duh! It was perfect for us!

I went to planning, and came up with a color scheme.
The main color scheme was black and white, and the rest of the colors were just small pops of it.

And course, I went with mismatched patterns. I didn't want to be matchy. The space is meant to relax and read in. The room feels a lot bright even though there is a lot of black touches. We also added a window where the curtain is. If you noticed the listing picture, where the window is was a wall. The previous owners actually covered the window up, but left the existing window behind it! (still don't understand the logic behind that one!) 

These trunks were given to me, and I used them as a coffee table. Love the look of it. And the polka dot rug is from Ikea. And one of my favorite details of the room is the chess set. It is my husband's. His mom brought it to him from South America as a kid, and I've always wanted to display it. I felt the room was perfect for it!

 And I have lots of gold tones. I just love the color! 

And our bar car is in the room too. I kind of put in there temporarily, but now its growing on me there. This room is near our backyard, so it makes sense the bar cart would be near for outside drinks.  

And I just love this chair from Home Goods. I eventually want to get another seat and a side table, but one thing at a time. Oh, and I also want new bookshelves at some point too. The ones we current have are 6 years old and are the Ikea ones. (Don't think they can survive any more moves since they aren't the sturdiest!) 

Will share more updated pictures when I add a couple more things. But so far, loving that the space isn't empty! 


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