Sunday, August 25, 2013

Best Friends

When you say you have a best friend, it may sometimes sounds a little juvenile, but I think best friends do exist. Some have a few, other just have that one. I, myself, have just one. (this excludes my husband and any siblings I consider bffs too)

Connecting so much with a person that at one point was a stranger is a bit weird and awesome at the same time. It's so hard to find a person that you can relate to in a personal level and just accepts you the way you are. It seems kind of silly giving advice on friendship, but I have actually been reading a lot of friendship posts and the importance of it. Neither of them really talked about best friends, and I am a best friend kind of gal so decided to write about what I have learned.

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How to be a good best friend:

Be yourself- First off, this should be a first. Nothing truer can come from just being yourself. Being genuine will only make you connect to the other person more.

Honesty- This is a huge one for me. Be open about whats going on in your life. And be prepared that sometimes your best friend isn't ready to talk about some things. And when she is ready, she'll tell you!

Other Friends- Realize that your bff may have other friends. And what may help is make sure you have a circle of friends so jealousy doesn't come creeping up on ya! And vice versa. If you feel your bff is getting a little jealous, a little reminder how much they mean to you can do no harm. But remember, the friends aren't your bff substitutes. Then, you have a whole group of people that you have told too many personal stories/secrets to and can't keep track.

Fights- Disagreements may emerge. And it's okay. Sometimes giving each other some space is okay to think it through or let emotions calm down. After all, we all go through times every month where we tend to not be in our best behavior! :)And make sure to talk things out, and make it better. Ignoring situations usually doesn't help. It usually always comes out later and then it becomes bigger and more painful. 

Time- Make time for one another. Sometimes husbands, children, or family seems to be more priority, obviously, but if you have any free time, even if it's just running errands with one another...just do it together if you can. And remember hanging out with your best friend doesn't just have to be you two, it's always okay to add others to the mix too!

Growing- It's okay if your chemistry changes at some point in your life. Sometime people grow apart. It happens. I'm sure we've all had a best friend and it didn't work out. I have, and instead of being sad, I am grateful I had someone at that point of my life that understood me. People change, and if you're lucky, you find someone else that will match and grow at the pace.

I'm sure there are way more tips, but here are just some general ones I have learned over the years. If you have any tips too, please share!!! And thank you to my best friend for being so real, and fun! You are one of heck of a gal and I am grateful for your friendship.

Xoxo- Priscilla  

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