Friday, August 2, 2013

Empty Space No More

For a long time, until recently, we had our family room/den area empty. Mostly, because I didn't know what to do with the space. You see, we already have a living room and we are just a family of 2. So having another living space didn't feel so necessary, but filling it up was.

Sorry for the blurriness, this is the listing picture! ^^^

I started by painting the room a light grey to brighten up the room. Then, coming up with an idea that wouldn't be so expensive. 

We have sooooo many books since my husband and I love to read, and we were planing to put the books in our office. I then thought, "why don't we make that room kind of like a library!?!"Duh! It was perfect for us!

I went to planning, and came up with a color scheme.
The main color scheme was black and white, and the rest of the colors were just small pops of it.

And course, I went with mismatched patterns. I didn't want to be matchy. The space is meant to relax and read in. The room feels a lot bright even though there is a lot of black touches. We also added a window where the curtain is. If you noticed the listing picture, where the window is was a wall. The previous owners actually covered the window up, but left the existing window behind it! (still don't understand the logic behind that one!) 

These trunks were given to me, and I used them as a coffee table. Love the look of it. And the polka dot rug is from Ikea. And one of my favorite details of the room is the chess set. It is my husband's. His mom brought it to him from South America as a kid, and I've always wanted to display it. I felt the room was perfect for it!

 And I have lots of gold tones. I just love the color! 

And our bar car is in the room too. I kind of put in there temporarily, but now its growing on me there. This room is near our backyard, so it makes sense the bar cart would be near for outside drinks.  

And I just love this chair from Home Goods. I eventually want to get another seat and a side table, but one thing at a time. Oh, and I also want new bookshelves at some point too. The ones we current have are 6 years old and are the Ikea ones. (Don't think they can survive any more moves since they aren't the sturdiest!) 

Will share more updated pictures when I add a couple more things. But so far, loving that the space isn't empty! 



  1. It looks great, Paloolie! I really like how the room ISN'T so matchy, matchy. It gives it a lot of character! The bar is adorable too. High fives my talented friend <3

    1. Thanks Sarah!!! I like my mismatched craziness! And can you believe I got that bar cart for $5!?!

  2. This is gorgeous Priscilla. I love all the different patterns. Can I move in, LOL!

  3. This looks straight out of a magazine! such great taste and eye for design

    1. Thanks Grecia! I'm glad the mismatched designs worked for the room! :)


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