Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Large Golden Scale

Finally! I really have been wanting to make a fish scale art piece like I mentioned here. I originally wanted it to be a lot larger, but decided to make it a little smaller since I wasn't sure how it would look in our room. But nonetheless, I finished it up last week!

First, you need a large piece of plywood board. We have of extra pieces in our garage, so I used one of those.
Then you need poster board paper, a cup, and a pen.  

 I traced a whole lot of circles, and cut them by hand. If you have a circle cutter, this process is a whole lot easier. I didn't really think of it until half way through. Oh well. 

After all my circles were cut, I hot glued the top circles side by side to one another from bottom to top on the plywood. There was no real technique to it. I kind of just improvised. Once that was all done, I chose a gold spray paint (of course) and waited for it to dry. 

And there ya go! It really is such an easy project. It cost me under $10!

Plywood-$0(already in garage)
Poster paper-$2 (99 cent store sells a sheet for 50 cents)
Hot glue-$0 already had
Gold spray paint-$4 (used a 40% off coupon from Michael's)

Very cheap project that can change the look of your room!
Hope you try it! Let me know if you tried something differently!



  1. How big did it end up being? I love it and your creativity!!

    1. It's not too big, about 50'x25' I think? But I wanted to go way larger! Haha! Thanks, Lisa!


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