Monday, August 12, 2013

Scaling the Space

Our bedroom is the one of the spaces that has been a little bit neglected in our house. It's not so awful, it's more that there is a lot of space and I haven't quite figured out how to use it all. The previous owners of the house expanded our master bedroom. They tore down a wall to the sharing wall of another room, and made it into a very large space. It's not a bad idea, but I would rather have another spare room for future kiddos. But for now, it works for this small family of 2.

Anyhow, where I was trying to get was that our room is lacking a bit of pizzaz. So, as we speak, I am working on a semi-big art piece for the room. I got the idea from pinterest (duh!) and it's amazing!

Well, I searched for a scalloped wall art piece, but it's technically a fish scale art piece. Mine, won't be as big as the one below, but it will be large. I also made the piece vertical since I kind of wanted it to look longer.

How fun is this one from Love!

This is kind of how I will be doing mine. I am putting my piece over a dresser we have, I love how decorated, and let the piece shine! 

The gold is just so fabulous. I am debating on what color to spray paint. ....decisions! 

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