Monday, September 30, 2013

Meet ME

This week I was featured on The Girls With Glasses blog. It was post on meeting their team. And I am part of the The Girls With Glasses team! Woo hoo! I answered  fun questions about myself. It was pretty fun to do. I truly love working with those gals. They are fun, creative, and the sweetest girls you ever will meet, and great friends! And I can't say this enough, if you don't know who they are, check out these webisodes here! You will love them instantly.

And they also said the loveliest things about me on the post... and trust me, the feeling is mutual! Here's a picture Brooke took of me that's up on the blog.

Hope you are all have a great week! Have a fun project up my sleeve!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Railing Off

This week I finally started and finished a project I have been wanting to start months ago. See, I have these stair railings that I was 'eh' about. Nothing was wrong with them. The color of the wood just seemed a little 90's and outdated. The stairs never popped to me, and I felt like the way the stairs are designed, it should pop when you come into the house.
I really wanted to stain the wood a deep dark brown/black wood. The tricky party with this whole project is that we have carpet on the steps, and upstairs. So the key to not messing up the stairs was taping everything up! I personally don't like carpet on steps, but they are there and no real step underneath unless we re-do the whole staircase. 

I duct taped the rug part because painters tape wasn't sticking on.

 Then I used painter's tape on the rods (bottom & top)
Then the staining began! Oh, and make sure to open those windows before you start because the smell is strong!  

 And as for the color...I went with ebony! I love it! I feel like the contrast with the white was perfect, and it made the stairs look modern! 

It took me a couple days to do everything. The stain says it dries in an hour. It technically does, but not really. It still can be sticky and I recommend not touching it for 24 hours. 


We have so much white open space in the house, which I love, but the light wood just made the space look dingy. The ebony pops, gives it it's edge, and has personality. Now all I'm thinking is, "why didn't I do it sooner!"

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Anniversary

 Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary. It really does seem like yesterday, and can remember all those feeling of excitement oh so well. But I also think of all the things we've done since then too, and think..."whoa, we've been busy!"

I am so grateful to be Mrs. Chang to my Mr. He is kind, funny,and very patient. He's not perfect by any means, but I really don't know how he puts up with me. I am emotional, chatty, and an over analyzer. But I do love with all my heart, and he sees that. When they say, 'love conquers all', I think it's true. Despite the mini frustrations, those few bad days, and the realness that comes with marriage, I wouldn't change it. I am committed to this man. I choose to love him every single day. Because love is a choice, and sometimes we get caught up in the feeling of 'being in love'. It's hard to not base love on a feeling only though, but I also think how much my feelings change through out the day, and I cannot be trusted. Don't get me wrong, the butterflies and excitement are important, but not the foundation of marriage. I read this book once saying, "the excitement of the touch that make up the tingles serve as the cherry on top of the sundae. But you cannot have a sundae with only the cherry." I love that.

Happy Anniversary to us! This ride is an on going learning experience, and I'm all in.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Falling for Fall

It's officially fall! And boy, am I excited! This is my favorite time of the year! The colors, the sweaters, the boots, and the amazing cool weather!

So here are my fall favorites of this season! I want them all!!! 
I think I would wear these brown wedges everyday!

This dear creatures green dress is amazing! 

 Adorable knit ear warmer!!!

And I just love cute sweater! That bird and those colors are perfect!

This coat!!! A girl can dream.

Now, we just need the weather to get cooler here in L.A.!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

One Year!

This week is one year that I have had this little ol' blog! I can't believe it, actually. Can you believe I've had 125 posts? I remember when I first started this blog, I thought no one would be interested in my house projects, my cakes, or my life. I also wondered if I would have enough to say. Turns out, people have tuned in, and apparently I have a lot to say!

Last year I had been recently unemployed, had time on my hands to work on our very neglected house, and had to regain all this creativity I had locked up! To be honest, I didn't even know where to start. My mind toyed around with the idea of a blog for a while, and for some reason I took the whim at it. It felt like it helped me start over in life too.  That's where the "changes' part comes in on my blog name. The whole new journey felt like constant changes and unfamiliar territory.

I truly started this blog as an outlet to express myself, and document our house projects. The only people I thought would maybe read were my family, some friends, and husband. But I feel with this blog, I have been able to express myself, be more confident, and do things I would normally would be too timid to do, and maybe people related that I got more readers than I imagined. I have also had fun opportunities because of this blog, and I am just grateful. So, so grateful.

Thank you for those who come and read!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hook on my Heart

I have been wanting to get something near my vanity to hang my necklaces. Every time I go to stores I see sort of what I'm looking for, but sometimes too expensive, and some aren't the right height since I have many long necklaces. I have also seen many pinterest ideas like long wooden pieces with cute knobs, cork board frames, or rakes transformed to necklace hangers. I didn't hate any of those ideas, I just wanted to try something I hadn't seen, but that was very easy and inexpensive. 

 While I was at the Michaels looking for cork sheets to potentially make a cork board frame for my necklaces, I saw these cute wood shapes with a hook. I thought, "perfect!!!" What makes the find even better, they were 75 cents each!!! They have a floral pattern that wasn't bad, but didn't necessarly match our bedroom. 

So I decided to paint them solid colors. I went with pink, white, and gold. The colors together are just so pretty!

I painted a first coat on the hearts, and let them dry, and painted a second coat. It all dried relatively fast since I used acrylic paint. 

Oh, and how fun are the edges? They have fun sparkly silver glitter already on them! 

Once it was all dried, I hung the hearts staggered on the wall, and placed my necklaces on them. They look so cute over my vanity! I am glad I painted the hearts. They really pop, and give my vanity space the edge it needed!! If you want to try adding designs on it, it would be cute too! (a cute polka design?)

This whole project cost me less than $5!!

heart hooks- $3.75
paints- $0 (since I had paint already)
sponge brushes- $.15

Can't get any cheaper than that!!! I think the heart hooks are on clearance at the moment, so go get them while supplies last!! Hope you try this easy and resourceful project! It really will keep your necklaces organized!


Monday, September 16, 2013

And more cakes

After a past couple busy weeks, I still attempted to do two cake orders this weekend. Sometimes I think I don't have a limit. I know I do, but for some reason I just keep going until I break. I didn't though, oddly enough. I was completely fine, and mentally prepared. I think that's key. Being mentally prepared can make you confident, unless you do the opposite and psych yourself out. (which I have also done too!)

Anyhow, this weekend was my nephew's 1st birthday party and I ,of course, was in charge of the cake. I love doing cakes for my nephews because my sisters give me creative freedom to do whatever I'd like. They tell me what kind of theme, and I just make something based on that. My nephew's theme was airplanes. I loved the theme!

My sister said the color scheme she was going with were red, blue, and a little bits of grey. So that's what I did. I did get some ideas from google images. I usually go online for inspiration, and use bits and pieces from various cakes. I was pretty happy with the out come!

Then that same day, I had a 30th birthday I was making cupcakes for. It was for my husband's close friend. The theme for the party was Tiki Room, and what's Disneyland's Tiki Room without Dole Whips!!! So I decided to make pineapple cupcakes, and make them look like dole whip floats!

I think I am in love with these dole whip cupcakes! Making the frosting look like the ice cream wasn't too hard. The key was just to make it go high, and pipe out like a soft serve ice cream would. I also made cupcakes similar to these for the party! 

I don't have any cake orders for the next couple weeks, so I promise I'll post a house project soon! I feel like I'm lacking in that department. But I hope you are enjoying my cake adventures! 


Friday, September 13, 2013


Where have I been! Sorry for not being more consistent. I have been very busy these 2 couple weeks. I've been working on production with The Girls With Glasses. It's a lot of fun, and a lot of work too. But when you're being creative and loving what you're doing, it makes the whole thing easier and worth while.

Also while I was on set, I got to make a few treats for the gals! Here are a few!

 I made some football sugar cookies. Cookies really aren't my thing to make, but decided to try 'em! I was pretty happy with them.

These lemon cupcakes were so fun to make. And isn't the tassel garland from Studio Mucci so fun! The colors are very citrus, and perfect for the occasion. 

And here is my favorite! So, I've been obsessed with ruffle cakes like this. I have been wanting to make something like this for quite some time, and I finally did. I am very happy with it, and I'm even more excited that I got to do it in my favorite color!!

Anyhow, I got more house projects up my sleeve, and more cake making for this weekend. Will share for sure!! Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

easy tee & girly look

Hey guys! Lately, I have been into mixing casual tees with more girly elements. And finding tees lately has been so easy. They have them everywhere!! I love it. I feel like it can work for any season too!

easy tee & girly look

Forever 21 graphic design t shirt
This graphic tees are such a great bargain. Stock up while you can!

Red knee length skirt
I love how red makes any outfit pop!!

Zara flat shoes
These Zara flats are so amazing! On jeans, skirts, or shorts! 

Coast cuff bracelet
How cool is this. Very tough looking!

NARS red lipstick
Red lipstick. enough said.

Essie nail color
I love this color. Enough color, but not too much!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

L.A. Eats

One of my favorite things to do is trying new places to eat. I just love yummy food! I wanted to share some of my favorite places to eat here in L.A.

Fine dining- Patina 
I'm sure I've mentioned this place before since I've gone a couple times. But if you haven't heard of it, it's attached to the exterior of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles. The prices are little higher, but the quality and experience is one of a kind.

Mid-range- The Little Door
The Little Door is beautiful first of all! But it is more of a casual vibe, but you can totally throw on a dress too! And the food is good portion, and affordable. And if you go a little early, you can always hang out at The Grove since it's just down the street.

Low Cost- Rustic Eatery
This place is right about 5 minutes from me. It's in Valencia, and just down the street from Six Flags Magic Mountain. It's pretty new, but since it's opened, I've probably have been there over a dozen times. Their pork belly is amazing, and their house salad & citrus homemade dressing is delicious. 

Dessert- Rita's

Apparently Rita's has been around...but not in L.A. until recently. I was a little apprehensive about frozen custard, but let me tell you, it's wonderful! I usually get the Gelati, which is frozen custard with flavored italian, and more frozen custard swirled on top.  It' actually really light, and flavorful! The hype is real. 

There are other places I could name or even divide restaurants by categories, but I'll leave that for another day. You can count on that! 

Hope this post made you hungry!!!! And Happy Labor Day!

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