Monday, September 16, 2013

And more cakes

After a past couple busy weeks, I still attempted to do two cake orders this weekend. Sometimes I think I don't have a limit. I know I do, but for some reason I just keep going until I break. I didn't though, oddly enough. I was completely fine, and mentally prepared. I think that's key. Being mentally prepared can make you confident, unless you do the opposite and psych yourself out. (which I have also done too!)

Anyhow, this weekend was my nephew's 1st birthday party and I ,of course, was in charge of the cake. I love doing cakes for my nephews because my sisters give me creative freedom to do whatever I'd like. They tell me what kind of theme, and I just make something based on that. My nephew's theme was airplanes. I loved the theme!

My sister said the color scheme she was going with were red, blue, and a little bits of grey. So that's what I did. I did get some ideas from google images. I usually go online for inspiration, and use bits and pieces from various cakes. I was pretty happy with the out come!

Then that same day, I had a 30th birthday I was making cupcakes for. It was for my husband's close friend. The theme for the party was Tiki Room, and what's Disneyland's Tiki Room without Dole Whips!!! So I decided to make pineapple cupcakes, and make them look like dole whip floats!

I think I am in love with these dole whip cupcakes! Making the frosting look like the ice cream wasn't too hard. The key was just to make it go high, and pipe out like a soft serve ice cream would. I also made cupcakes similar to these for the party! 

I don't have any cake orders for the next couple weeks, so I promise I'll post a house project soon! I feel like I'm lacking in that department. But I hope you are enjoying my cake adventures! 


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